Have you ever before wondered where the hatchet “pigskin” originated? out of all the nicknames because that a football, pigskin is most likely the many popular. But when go the moniker arise? And more importantly, why?

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History the the Pigskin

It may surprise you to discover that footballs were originally inflated through the bladders the animals, consisting of those native swine. In later on years, these animal bladders were inserted inside a leather cover, providing rise to the ax “pigskin.” The bladder of pig (or another animal) to be inflated into much more of one oval shape than the familiar pointed tips of today’s game balls.

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The procedure of inflating these early on pigskins was fairly distasteful together you could imagine. Straw and other product would oftentimes it is in stuffed in the pig bladder instead, yet this often tended to produce balls with lumps and strange shapes that do official game play difficult.

Fortunately, blowing increase pig bladders fell out the fashion because that both pro and also recreational football players through the innovation of vulcanized rubber in the 1860s.

Invention the Vulcanized Rubber

In 1844, an American engineer and chemist by the surname of Charles Goodyear patented his invention of vulcanized rubber – fire-cured herbal rubber made much more durable with the enhancement of sulfur. Goodyear’s legacy is quiet seen this day through the popular automobile tires made by the company named ~ him.

Shortly after, soccer aficionados started ditching uncomfortable pig bladders because that Goodyear’s vulcanized rubber as the wanted material. However, the nickname “pigskin” stuck.

The contemporary Football

Ironically, despite they room still dubbed “pigskins,” nowadays all pro and collegiate footballs space actually made through cowhide leather. Recreational and youth footballs, ~ above the other hand, are often made with fabricated material or vulcanized rubber.

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All large Game footballs room made the handcrafted cowhide leather. Even if it is you pat on a college, high school, youth, small or urine wee team, or you’re simply interested in tossing the pigskin roughly in the yard, buying straight from America’s #1 manufacturer the FBS university footballs is the means to go!

The footballs you’ll receive are the same quality used by optimal college programs anywhere the country, including LSU, Texas A&M, SMU, the Nebraska Cornhuskers and also others.

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