Maryland’s knife laws rely heavily on the will and type of the tongue to recognize the legality of delivering it.

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As a result, one deserve to own and carry any kind of a knife within Maryland states borders including cram stars, ballistic and also blades, which space banned in countless states that America. Blade size is not one of the parameters Maryland provides to determine the legality the the blade.

However, counties, cities and townships i charged length borders in addition to constraints crafted by the state. This renders the state knife laws complex and frequently inconvenient to tongue owners.



Residents gain rights to buy, own, offer blades and also knives as long as they run within Maryland state legal system. Human being can very own all type of urgently knives, switchblades, gravity knives, balisong such together belt buckle, crucial knives, knife canes, searching knives, daggers, KA-BAR knives, Bowie knives, stiletto, ballistic knives, throwing stars and also throwing knives too as dual or solitary edged fixed blade knives. World are complimentary to openly bring all these species of velvet as lengthy as they carry out not intended to use them to harm others. Girlfriend cannot also carry this knives to school grounds, prison grounds, in courthouses or in school. Keep in mind that offer police officers are exempted native this.


It is illegal to carry knives that have actually switches favor gravity knives and switchblade knives, nevertheless of the size. These knives room classified as dangerous weapons and are all banned. According to section § 4–101 the the password of Maryland (Statutes), minors under 18 year cannot carry knives indigenous 1 hour prior to sunrise come 1 hour after sunset. The counties impacted by these restrictions are Worcester County, Washington, Hartford County, Cecil County, Caroline County, Baltimore County, anne Arundel County, St. Mary’s County, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, and also Kent County. However, minors involved in legal searching trips and also civic armed forces gatherings that call for use the such blades as tools are exempted from the ban.

Length Limit

As a state, Maryland does not impose a best blade length limit on its residents. The size of the blade can not be used to identify whether a knife qualifies to be carried concealed.

Concealed Carry

Maryland has stringent concealed and also carry laws. All knives classified together dangerous weapons cannot be lugged concealed. Violating this rule makes one guilty of a misdemeanour that attracts a stubborn penalty including 3 year imprisonment, a fine of $1,000 or both. Weapons such as star knives, switchblades, Bowie knives and razors can not be carried concealed. Also, folding pocket knife should be opened manually rather than making use of a trigger switch or a spring. If it is not, that is illegal to carry it concealed.

Other knife regulations in Maryland

Local ordinances make mary land knife regulations complicated. Castle impose size limitations ~ above knives. For instance carrying a blade that is much longer than 3” in Fredrick, MD and Cambridge is illegal. Also, switchblades room outlawed in MD. Obviously, this are sets of conflicting rules that are facility and confusing. Lock present difficulties especially to knife owners who desire to move around the state while transferring knives.

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