Knife regulations in Iowa are complicated but favor the knife owner. Citizens may very own all other types of velvet apart indigenous the ballistic knife.

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The legislations prohibit ownership and possession that ballistic knives even when you room in her own home or property.

Note the you might own many species of knives, yet one must adhere to many facility rules the govern transporting these velvet in public.



Residents that Iowa and visitors can buy, give, display, market or get various species of knives various other than ballistic knife. Adults can possess or very own a range of knives such together pocket knives, fixed blade knives, dagger, stilettos, balisong knives and also any other kind of knives other than the ballistic knife. Other knives the adults have the right to own or possess incorporate disguised knives together as sword canes, searching knives and lipstick knives.

Residents are free to carry open every legal knives except when they are on jail grounds, court houses and also school ground. Iowa password of 2012 classifies ballistic knives as offensive weapons. Section § 724.3 defines the offence the owning ballistic knives as a class D Felony.


Iowa code 724.4A classifies institutions as weapon free zone. So that is illegal to lug knives come schools. Also, it is illegal for residents or visitors to conceal and carry a switchblade, a stiletto, a dagger or a knife whose blade is more than 5 inches. It is additionally illegal come conceal and also carry a balisong knife or disguised knives prefer lipstick knives and swords.

Length Limit

The state regulation does not impose any kind of restriction ~ above the knives. Residents have the right to own sword canes, machetes, lengthy Bowie knives, bayonets and any various other knives that room lawful come possess. However, one might not conceal a knife blade that is much more than 5”. Any person found carrying a knife the is longer than 8” faces a stricter penalty.

Concealed Carry

Iowa password of 2012 ar § 724.4 gives that any knife the is not banned have the right to be concealed and also carried also if the length is 5” longer or shorter. However, if the tongue is illegal, carrying it surprise is taken into consideration as a severe misdemeanor and also the owner will be deemed to have committed an aggravated misdemeanor which attractive a stiffer penalty. Section § 724.4.3.h provides an exception and also specifies the one may carry a fishing, or hunting knife hidden regardless that the length. However, this is only possible if the transport engages in lawful fishing or hunting activities. Also, the person must have a pole or a rifle top top the means to the activity and have to possess a precious fishing or searching license.

Other knife laws in Iowa

Iowa state legislation does no preempt ordinances or neighborhood rules ~ above its subjects. For instance, Bluffs and also Cedar Rapids enforces and allows only blades that are much less than 3 “to be carried concealed. Those that room 3” or long must be carried open. Because of this residents must avoid surprises through researching on ordinances or just select to open bring the knives.

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