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Southwest Houston Apartments That accept A Felon or Felony


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Southwest Houston Apartments That expropriate A Felon or Felony

Felonies need to be seven Years or Older and also Non Voilent in many cases.

For ideal results fill out the form and or contact me in ~ 281.818.3045

Every Apartment Management company in the Houston inner Loop east

the works through a felony will certainly have various conditions.

For instance one ar will work-related with a medicine felony one will not. One will work with one auto theft - one will certainly not.

However there space several much more that will work-related with a felony and do not advertise lock will. Its our task to develop relationships and also know Houston Heights apartment neighborhoods will expropriate a felon or felony.

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The Apartment Gorilla has Houston Apartments neighborhoods will work-related with a felony over 7 years old and also non-violent.

Southwest Houston Apartments That expropriate A Felon or Felony


email I gain FROM client (Real Testimonials)

Testimonial: Hey Eddie, There space no native to describe how thankful i am for what girlfriend did for me. Ns woke increase this morning with no roof over my head. I was expecting come sleep in my new apartment last night, that earlier in the work they said I was approved for. Lock finally dubbed me late in the afternoon and said ns was denied. So there i was homeless. Climate I referred to as you at an early stage this morning and explained mine situation. Its only 2 pm and I have the tricks to my an excellent new place. A place that is 10 times better than the location that denied me. Many thanks Eddie......... Mateo

hi this is jamile, i moved right into *****************about a month ago. Simply wanted come tell you many thanks for saving me the time and also hassle with my apartment search by recommending me to certain complexes the you knew could assist me. I likewise thank you because that the cost-free move. Again thanks!

give thanks to YOU, thank YOU, give thanks to YOU

Just got ago from meeting with Elizabeth........ She was wonderful. = ) say thanks to you!!!!!!!!! i paid app fee and also deposit and also WAS APPROVED!!! Only because of you........ =)

I made decision to go through the 2nd community, because its a little closer because that me and Elizabeth stated that the schools and also area were really an excellent too.

I"m plan on moving the 29th that Jan and was wondering around your various other services as you discussed with turning on utilities and the movers.

Let me know............. And also thank you, say thanks to you, thank you for making this possible.


Just desire to monitor up on what my wife has already said.... Thanks so much for your help. In every honesty, i would have actually driven right by that complicated because ns would have never believed they would let united state rent there. You space the man... Oops...I meant GORILLA!!..............James

Hey Eddie, I want to permit you know that i was approved. I put your name and info top top the application and also card choose you instructed me to. I wanted to say thanks to you for all of your help. Ns didn"t recognize where to revolve until I found your advertisement on the internet. Many thanks again 4 making the your business to assist people choose me. May GOD proceed to bless you. Have actually a an excellent day.


Thank you because that your difficult work, responsiveness, and also attention come detail. Before I contacted you ns spoke with number of apartment locaters and had a similar experience with all of them; ns told lock what i was feather for, the area, and also my budget and every time I obtained a list the was not wherein I want to live, the kind of neighborhood I was in search of or in ~ my budget. Throughout my search I discovered your website and read the testimonials that others had given and also decided to call you. Not just did you respond v a perform of neighborhoods that suitable my needs however when the community that ns was many interested in originally said no girlfriend made the effort to contact the manager, explain my situation and get us an chance to fulfill with them and also make our situation – the rest is history, within a main I had the tricks for my brand-new place at the community. Many thanks again for your understanding, fist to detail and an individual service. I’ll recommend you any kind of chance i get.



As soon as I gain some extra time I"ll write a testimonial because that you - Your business was through far better than any type of or the various other locators that ns talked with!!!


Hey Eddie,

I simply wanted come say thanks, again, for every you did in securing the brand-new apartment. I truly feel that if you had not gone the extra mile, I would still be looking for a new place. But, as it stands, I have actually a really great place and it is a substantial improvement end what I was in before. So, thanks and also keep increase the good work girlfriend do. Ns will many definately use you later and likewise recommend you to anyone who can need a brand-new place or have actually an unfortunate event on their record.

Thanks, Mark

Eddie ~ well my small boy and also I got moved in and everything is GREAT!! ns cannot thank you enough for every one of your help. I was just about to provide up on everything and then I saw your website and you gained the deal done. Ns will certainly refer everyone I understand of to you in the future. Say thanks to you ~ say thanks to you ~ thank you!!!!!

Becki W.

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Hey! This is my work-related email…

Anyway, I just wanted to say give thanks to you so much for helping me discover a place. I’m therefore excited to move next month! So thank you for this reason much. You room the best and anybody that I can refer her way, ns most definitely will. You room a God send. J

and plus… I wanted to inspect on you. Exactly how was your Thanksgiving???

JUST wanted TO SAY thank YOU and GOD BLESS YOU for HELPING ME find MY APARTMENT. THE staff WAS very PROFESSIONAL and TREATED ME v KINDNESS, ns DIDN"T KNOW exactly how TO placed THAT ~ above YOUR net PAGE, yet IF you LET ME recognize I would BE more THAN HAPPY TO do SO, when AGAIN GOD BLESS and YOU have actually A SAFE and also HAPPY HOLIDAYS.