Definition noun (physiology) The plot or procedure of taking (food or drink) to the mouth and also then send it v the esophagus (toward the stomach) by means of a sequence of muscular contractions Supplement Deglutition is the clinical term because that the process of swallowing any kind of food stuff into the body, specifically passing native the mouth, come the pharynx, and down v the esophagus. The food ingredient ingested and swallowed is called a bolus. There are three step of deglutition. The very first stage is the voluntary closure of lips and also tooth approximation. The second stage is the involuntary peristalsis so the the bolus would certainly be moved down the esophagus. In ~ this stage, the sleep passage and also pharyngeal airway are shut. The third stage is the pass of the bolus along the length of the esophagus and then into the stomach, again, through involuntary peristalsis. 1 Word origin: Latin dēglūtīt , native – + glūtī (re) (to swallow) + -ion Synonym(s):


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demarquays symptom pharyngeal constrictor swallowing threshold

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deglutition reflex deglutition syncope

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