Water heater thermocouple buyers guide, troubleshooting, repairand action by action replacement guide.

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Thermocouple instead of is a simple process. If your handy through tools friend shouldn"t have any kind of problems.

Go come thermocouple parts page.

Thermocouple Buyers            Guide

Standard style

Also referred to as universal water heater thermocouple. The screws into thebottom the the gas valve and also a probe ~ above the other finish slides right into a stop bracket near the pilot light. The looks prefer a item of copper wire ( check out pic. Below).

This thermocouple has a appropriate handed thread. Turn best to tightenleft come loosen. Global thermocouples come in lengths indigenous 15 to 36 inches. An 18 or 24 inch will certainly suffice for all residential water heaters using universal kits.

Almost every older waters heaters and many of the newer style unitswith a sealed burner compartment and also a viewing window will use thisthermocouple.

If you desire to use precise replacement length simply remove your old one and measure it.

TCO style

Thermal reduced Off layout has a resettable heat shut turn off switch integral right into the thermocouple. In the occasion of a flash fire or blow earlier from the burnerthe TOC will certainly shut down gas circulation to the burner and also pilot.In case of a shut down the TOC have to reset chin after it cools downand enable you to relight the pilot.The TOC switch looks prefer a clock battery.You will certainly only find the TOC top top newer format water heaters with seal burnercompartments.

TOC non-resettable style

These thermocouples have a small TOC construct inside the tube. Lock looksimilar to a typical one other than the diameter is larger about midwaysof the tube.When these TOC"s switch turn off they will not reset and also must it is in replaced.

Whirlpool Water Heater Thermocouple

Some of Whirlpools older model water heaters were built with a left-hand subject thermocouple. Turn to the left to tighten, best to loosen. These are no much longer available.

Lowe"s home improvement sells a Manifold Door Assembly for Whirlpoolwater heaters. It comes through a thermocouple attached. Price is about$35.00. Their website Lowes.com

You can also purchase one directly from Whirlpool at around the sameprice. Your costumer company number 1-866-698-2538.

these water heaters were built by American Water Heater Co. Lock havea many "how to" replace parts guides for your water heaters. Followthe attach below.

American Water Heater Co.

How thermocouples work

A pilot thermocouple sends a tiny electrical current to the gas valve as soon as the probe is heated come a details temperature.This electrical existing tells the gas valve the the pilot is lit and also its ok come send gas to the burner if the thermostat calls because that it.

To examine a water heater thermocouple push the pilot button down ~ above the water heater gas manage valve. Light the pilot. If after holding the pilot switch down 30 to 60 secs the pilot light goes out as soon as you relax the button, the thermocouple is most likely at fault on olderunits. The TOC or air flow can be the trouble on newer units through a pilot light viewing home window .

If the pilot does no light at all the difficulty is gas flow, gas manage valve, TOC tripped.

The most common thermocouple problems

The reminder on the thermocouple probe has actually deteriorated.Lack of wait (oxygen) top top seal burner water heaters.

Thermocouple Repair

If the probe watch white this is carbon build up. It have the right to keep the probe from gaining hot sufficient to send a signal come the gas valve. Sand it v emery cloth and relight the pilot. It need to work because that a while but keep a brand-new thermocouple handy.

The thermocouple probe need to be in the pilot irradiate flame.

The thermocouple must be screwed right into the gas valve tightly.

Check the pilot thermocouple tube for kinks.

Water heater thermocouple replacement

Thermocouple replacement is a an easy process. If your handy with tools girlfriend shouldn"t have any kind of problems.Always follow all safety and security rules as soon as working about gas.

A global water heater thermocouple can be found at many hardware stores.

In the guide listed below I"ve eliminated the burner assembly therefore you have the right to see how the thermocouple is positioned alongside the pilot.

How To replace A Thermocouple



The pic ~ above the left is the waterheater burner assembly removedfrom the water heater.

The thermocouple is located next come the pilot head.


Turn the gas turn off to your water heater.

Set the temperature regulate knob(on the gas regulate valve)to the lowest setting.

Turn the on/off pilot regulate knobto the off position.

Remove the outer and also inner burner assembly access panels.

Remove the thermocouple indigenous the gas regulate valve using a 3/8 in.end wrench (see picture above).

Reach into the burner compartment and also pull the thermocouple out ofits holder.A tough tug need to do it.

If you can"t pull it out, skip the next step and scroll under this page forinstructions to remove the burner assembly.


Got the thermocouple out? Good.To download the brand-new one, usage a flashlight for this reason you deserve to see andslide the probe into place.

The pointer of the probe should be 1/8 to 1/4 in. Happen the pilot head.

Attach the other end to the gas control valve.

Remove the Burner Assembly


Ok, you"ve disconnected thethermocouple indigenous the gas controlvalve however can"t gain it freed native theburner assembly.

You"ll have to remove the water heater burner.

Using a 7/16 in. End wrenchdisconnect the pilot supply tubefrom the gas regulate valve.

eliminate the burner assembly indigenous water heater.

Now you can remove the thermocouple through a pair the pliers.

Slide the new water heater thermocouple into place. Positionthe guideline of the probe 1/8 to 1/4 in. Happen the pilot head.

Reinstall the burner assembly

Be certain that the end of theburner assembly fits into the slotthat holds the in ar (see picture).

When your finished examine allconnections because that gas leaks.

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With her water heater thermocouple and also burner assembly installedyour ready to light the pilot light.