State the different measurement systems provided in sdrta.netistry. Define how prefixes are offered in the metric system and also identify how the prefixes milli-, centi-, and also kilo- to compare to the base unit.

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How lengthy is a yard? It depends on whom you ask and when you asked the question. Now we have actually a standard definition of the yard, which you can see significant on every football field. If you move the ball ten yards, you gain a first down and also it does notmatter even if it is you space playing in Los Angeles, Dallas, or green Bay. But at one time that garden was arbitrarily characterized as the distance from the tip of the king"s sleep to the end of his outstretched hand. Of course, the trouble there is simple: brand-new king, new distance (and then you have to re-mark every one of those football fields).


Figure \(\PageIndex1\): Meter typical (left) and also Kilogram standard (right).

Unfortunately, the Metric device is not Ubiquitous

The map below shows the adoption of the SI devices in countries approximately the world. The united States has legally adopted the metric device for measurements, however does not use it in daily practice. An excellent Britain and also much of Canada use a mix of metric and also imperial units.

Figure \(\PageIndex1\): areas of human being using metric mechanism (in green). Just a few countries are slow or resistant to adoption including the joined States.

Example \(\PageIndex1\): Unit Abbreviations

Give the abbreviation because that each unit and also define the abbreviation in regards to the base unit.

kiloliter microsecond decimeter nanogram


a The prefix kilo means “1,000 ×,” therefore 1 kL amounts to 1,000 L. kL
b The prefix micro indicates 1/1,000,000th of a unit, for this reason 1 µs equals 0.000001 s. µs
c The prefix deci means 1/10th, for this reason 1 dm equates to 0.1 m.

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d The prefix nano way 1/1000000000, so a nanogram is same to 0.000000001 g. ng