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Alan Rickman and Rima Horton met in 1965, once he to be 19 and also she to be 18. They met while they were both researching at the Chelsea school of Art, follow to The Scotsman.

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She was likewise involved in theater. The pair acted with each other in amateur dramas, prior to Rickman was embraced into the royal Academy that Dramatic Art.

Horton, among three children, to be born in Bayswater, London.

Despite Rickman’s stardom, the pair managed come live a quiet life.

“I think every relationship should be allowed to have its own rules,” Rickman said Hello Magazine. “She’s tolerant. She’s incredibly tolerant. Unbelievably tolerant. Perhaps a candidate because that sainthood.”


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2. They Married in 2012 in a Quiet consciousness in new York

Though the pair dated for several decades and also began living together in 1977, castle did no marry till 2012. They to be wed in a quiet consciousness in new York City.

Rickman and also Horton kept their marriage mystery until an April 2015 interview.

“We room married, just recently. It was great, since no one to be there,” Rickman said the German newspaper Bild. “After the wedding in brand-new York we walked throughout the Brooklyn Bridge and ate lunch.”

He joked the he to buy his new wife a $200 ring “that she never wears.”

Rickman said the mystery to their connection is the they make each various other laugh.

3. Horton was an economics Lecturer & a work Party Politician



While Rickman pursued a job in acting, Horton change her focus toward economics and also eventually politics. She worked as an business economics lecturer at Kingston University.

From 1986 until 2006 she to be a councillor because that the Kensington and also Chelsea London Borough Council, representing the work Party. Rickman was also a member that the party and also both were heavily associated in politics.

She shed her chair in 2006, Rickman told The Scotsman during an interview that year.

“She was component of the nationwide shift, so she’s a totally free woman – a danger thought,” that told the newspaper through a smile.


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4. She & Rickman chose Not to have actually Children

Rima Horton and also Rickman never had actually children. He claimed he would have liked come have had a family, but they decided against it.

“You should remember ns am no the just one involved. There is another person here,” Rickman once said. “I would have loved a family. Occasionally I think the in perfect world, 3 children, aged 12, 10 and also eight, would be to reduce on us and also we would certainly be great parents for that family.”

5. Condolences have Been happen on come Horton From roughly the World


Celebrities and fans have passed on condolences come Horton from approximately the world.

“My thoughts space with Rima and also the rest of Alan’s family,” harry Potter writer J.K. Rowling claimed on Twitter. “We have actually all shed a great talent. They have lost part of your hearts.”

There space no words come express how shocked and also devastated ns am come hear that Alan Rickman"s death. He to be a magnificent actor & a exorbitant man.

— J.K. Rowling (
jk_rowling) January 14, 2016

Many ~ above Twitter additionally marveled at their exceptional relationship:

Alan Rickman met Rima Horton once he to be 19 and also she was 18. They"ve been together ever since. How devastating. Fifty years together.

— Clementine Ford (
clementine_ford) January 14, 2016

Alan Rickman & Rima Horton have actually been together because they met as soon as he to be 19 and she to be 18. Five decades of love? We should all be so lucky.

— Kaitlin Monte (
kaitlinmonte) January 14, 2016

Had dinner v #AlanRickman, #RimaHorton and
ThatKevinSmith in London years ago. What a exorbitant couple. What a loss for her, and for us.

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— patt morrison (
pattmlatimes) January 14, 2016

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Rima Horton and Alan Rickman met when they were adolescents and were with each other for much more than 50 years. Here"s what you should know around the late actor"s wife.