I"m sure plenty of won"t here around philes. Words "Phile" comes from old Greek word, ‘phileein’ definition to love. Phile denotes a person who loves or have a fondness for a stated thing. The freedictionary defines ‘Phile’ together One the loves or has actually a strong affinity or preference for. I will share some of it tonight. For this reason tonight lets have couple of words sharing something around yourself.

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1. Ailurophile.

A human who likes cats, a cat lover.


I personally loves cat.

2. Astrophile.

A human being who loves stars, astronomy.

Maybe astronomy not but I love stars a lot. City hall them deserve to reduce stress and also gives friend a calm time in my an individual experience.

3. Autophile.

A human being who loves solitude, being alone.


Sometimes this have the right to be me. Everyone demands sometime alone in ~ some allude of over there life.

4. Bibliophile.

_A human who collects or has actually a an excellent love that books.


No no no no.... This no for me.

5. Ceraunophile.

A human being who loves lightning and also thunder.


Yes ns love thunders.

6. Chionophile.

A human who finds comfort in cold weathers .


Count me in. Cold weather is good and snow is a life time dream because that me. So far I never had any experience of snow. Sooner or later hopefully ns would be able to fulfill this dream too.

7. Clinophile.

A lover the reclining, lie in bed.


That is therefore me.

8. Coimetrophile.

A human who lover of cemeteries.


Not really my thing.

9. Cynophile.

A human being who loves canines, a dog lover.


In Islam that is not enabled to touch Dogs and Pigs. The forbidden. So ns don"t really prefer this.

10. Dendrophile.

A person who loves forests and trees.


I kinda love trees. However I live in Maldives and also I don"t gain the actual forest feeling. Quiet you deserve to count me in this one.

11. Discophile.

A human being who loves vinyl; a record collector.


I"m not right into this cox ns haven"t had that experience.

12. Heliophile.

A lover the the sun.


A yes to sun.

13. Hippophile.

Someone that loves horses.


Had my very an initial ride in ~ Sri Lanka. Ns took only one small ride my whole life for this reason far. The was the only time i went exterior of Maldives. Yet an accomplished life goal.

14. Limnophile.

A human being who loves lakes.


If water is regarded it, then Its mine thing.

15. Logophile.

A human being who is a lover of words.


Yes i love words.

16. Nyctophile.

A human who loves night, darkness.


I can"t to speak no come this.

17. Oenophile.

A human who enjoys wines, usually as a connoisseur.


Again forbidden in my religion.

18. Photophile.

A human being who find comfort in organic light.


That"s me.

19. Pluviophile.

A lover of rain; someone that finds joy and also peace of mind throughout rainy days.


I"m a Pluviophile.

20. Pogonophile.

A human being who is fond of, or loves beards.


Well ns personally have beard and loves beard.

21. Retrophile.

A human who loves artifacts and also aesthetics native the past.


Nope, no my sort of thing.

22. Selenophile.

A human who loves the moon.


I"m sure countless will love this. Ns do.

23. Stigmatophile.

A human being who is obsessed v tattoos, piercings.


There space cool tattoos and also piercings yet I not that into it.

24. Thalassophile.

A lover the the sea, someone who loves the sea, ocean.


I to be Thalassophile in person form. Thalassophile is love, Thalassophile is life.

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So I have 17 Philes from over in me. Which are 1 2 3 5 6 7 10 12 13 14 15 16 18 19 20 22 24. What around you guys? care to re-publishing something around your me in a comment just by telling numbers native 1 come 24. Feel free to comment.

I expect you all favor my idea of share what kind of person I am and also hope this helps to everyone.Upvote Resteem and also Follow me