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Instructions: Read each concern carefully before selecting the best answer. Usage GEOLOGIC VOCABULARY whereby APPLICABLE! provide concise, however detailed answers come essay and fill-in questions.

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use an 882-e scantron for her multiple choice and true/false answers.
Multiple choice:

1.Minerals are:

a.naturally occurring

b.inorganic in their composition

c.crystalline solids

d.substances v definite physics properties and definite or almost definite chemical compositions

e.all of the above

2.Rocks have the right to contain: or more minerals c. Mineraloids e. Native elements

b.none the the over d. Some or every one of the above

3.The smallest unit of issue that maintain the characteristics of an element is an:

a.Ion b. Isotope c. Atom d. Electron

4.The atomic number of a details element is identified by the:

a.number of electron in that outermost shell

b.number of protons in that is nucleus

c.number of neutron plus proton in that is nucleus

d.number of neutrons plus electrons in that nucleus variety of neutrons orbiting the nucleus

5.Solid materials that execute not own an orderly setup of atoms room called

a.Glasses b. Minerals c. Amorphous d. Polymorphs e. Answers a. And c.

6.The facility of one atom is called a(n) .

a.Electron b. Bond c. Nucleus d. Orbital

7.The atomic number because that oxygen is 8, meaning that oxygen atoms have

a.8 protons b. 8 neutrons c. 8 protons and neutrons d. Nobody of these

8.Isotopes room atoms with a change number of:

a.Electrons b. Protons c. Ion d. Neutrons

9.The share of electron by surrounding atoms is a form of bonding called:

a.covalent b. Valve der Waals c. Silicate d. Tetrahedral e. Ionic

10.An extreme form of electron sharing wake up in the atomic bonds of certain varieties of minerals and also can affect the luster of these minerals. These bonds involve number of atoms, which share numerous atoms amongst them. The mineral produced additionally tend to have actually dark streaks. What is the name of the type of bonding that produces this excessive electron sharing?

a.covalent b. Valve der Waals c. Metallic d. Tetrahedral e. Ionic

11.Ionic bonding forms between ions choose sodium and chlorine since of:

a.the sharing of electrons

b.the attractive force between ions v opposite electrical charges

c.a weak attractive force in between electrically neutral atoms

d.none the the above

12.The two many abundant elements in the Earth"s crust are:

a.iron and also magnesium c. Carbon and potassium

b.sodium and nitrogen d. Silicon and also oxygen e. Sand and clay

13.The two most abundant facets in the Earth"s core are:

a.iron and magnesium c. Iron and also nickel

b.sodium and nitrogen d. Silicon and oxygen e. Iron and also manganese

14.Minerals are established most commonly by making use of their:

a.chemical nature c. Physical properties

b.molecular framework d. Social protection number

15.Those chemical aspects having eight electrons in their outermost electron shell are the:

a.isotopes b. Native elements c. Carbonates d. Halides e. Noble gases

16.The simple building block of every silicate minerals is the:

a.Silicon-oxygen tetrahedron c. Oxygen-silicon cube d. Silica tetrahedron

b.silica frame e. Answer a. And also d.

17.Ferromagnesian silicates space rich in:

a.iron and also magnesium c. Iron and also manganese

b.silicon and aluminum d. No one of the above

18.The chemistry formula for olivine is (Mg, Fe)2SiO4, which method that in addition to silica:

a.all olivine has both magnesium and also iron

b.magnesium and also iron can substitute for one another

c.magnesium is much more common than iron

d.magnesium is heavier 보다 iron

e.more magnesium than iron wake up in the Earth"s crust

19.Calcite and dolomite are:

a.oxide minerals of great value

b.ferromagnesian silicates own a distinctive sheet structure

c.minerals offered in the to produce of pencil leads

d.common rock-forming carbonate minerals

e.important energy resources

20.Micas and also clay mineral are typical examples of silicates.

a.Framework b. Single chain c. Ring d. Paper

21.Which that the complying with minerals has the biggest hardness?

a.Calcite b. Diamondc. Feldspar d. Talc e. Quartz

22.The hardness of a mineral counts on .

a.the way the mineral shows light

b.the stamin of the chemical bonds in the mineral

c.the proportion of silicon come oxygen atom in the mineral

d.the shade of the powdered mineral

23.The form in i m sorry an individual crystal grows is referred to as the mineral"s crystal.

a.Cleavage b. Thickness c. Habit d. Streak

24.All silicate mineral contain the elements

a.silicon and iron. C. Silicon and also oxygen. E. Silicon and calcium.

b.silicon and sodium. D. Silicon and magnesium.

25.The tendency of minerals to break along smooth, planar surfaces is called

a.streak b. Fracture. C. Cleavage. D. Conchoidal. E. Polyhedral.

26.An atom the loses or gains electrons is dubbed a(n)

a.isotope. B. Proton. C. Neutrino. D. Neutron. E. Ion.

27.The most usual mineral in Earth"s tardy is

a.mica. B. Quartz. C. Olivine. D. Feldspar. E. Hornblende.

28.If the atomic variety of an element is 6 and its fixed number is 13, how plenty of neutrons are had in the nucleus?

a.6 b. 7 c. 8 d. 9 e. 19

29.The most abundant mineral group in Earth"s late is the ___________ group.

a.Oxide b. Lead carbonate c. Sulfide d. Halide e. Silicate

30.An atom includes particles which have actually no charge and also are called:

a.Protons b. Electron c. Neutron d. Nuclei e. Shells

31.Orbiting the main region of an atom room negatively charged

a.Protons b. Electron c. Neutrons d. Nuclei e. Shells

32.The atomic mass of an atom is same to the number of

a.Protons d. Electrons and also neutrons

b.Protons and also neutrons e. Neutrons

c.Protons and electrons

33.The many unreliable (variable) diagnostic home of mineral such together quartz is

a.Hardness b. Crystal type c. Luster. D. Certain gravity. E. Color.

34.The massive of an atom is concentrated in its

a.Nucleus b. Electron c. Ghost d. Proton e. Isotope

35.Each facet is identified by the number of

a.Atoms b. Isotopes c. Neutron d. Proton e. Nuclei.

36.A (n) _______ has actually a negative charge and a very little mass.

a.Neutron b. Electron c. Proton d. Isotope e. Nucleus

37.Isotopes of the same element have the same number of:

a.Protons b. Electron c. Neutron d. Nuclei e. Ions

38.On Mohs hardness scale, i beg your pardon of the following is the softest mineral?

a.Talc b. Calcite c. Quartz d. Apatite e. Feldspar

39.What form of chemical bonding is presented in the diagram below?

a) covalent b) ionic c) metallic d) hybrid



40.Fracture is mineral breakage follow me random, irregular surfaces.

41.Some mineral exhibit cleavage.

42.All minerals will create a streak.

43.Metallic is a term used to describe a kind of streak.

44.Electrons have a confident charge.

45.Crystals normally will build in an open cavity.

46.Minerals, like all matter, space composed of atom of various elements.

47.A mineral can be composed totally of one element.

48.The micas exhibit cubic-type cleavage.

49.The basic building block that the silicate minerals is the silica tetrahedron.

50.Polymorphs are minerals the have completely different chemical compositions, however have the very same atomic frameworks and comparable physical characteristics.

51.Non-Ferromagnesian silicates are dark in color.

52.In the silicon-oxygen tetrahedron there space fewer silicon atoms than oxygen atoms.

53.All atoms v the same variety of protons are given the very same name.

Place your answers come the adhering to questions top top the answer sheet listed by her instructor.Fill-ins, essays:

54.When minerals are allowed to kind without room restrictions, they will certainly develop huge ________.

55.The ____________ is the smallest part of issue that still maintain the qualities of one element.

56.The physical residential property denoting a mineral"s tendency to crack follow me smooth, planar surfaces is the propensity of a mineral to break along planes that weak bonding and is called ____________.

57.What physical building denotes the shade of a mineral in a powdered form?

58.Graphite and diamond are both composed of carbon, yet have an extremely different physical characteristics because they represent _________________s the carbon.

59.Moh"s hardness range is a relative measure of i m sorry physical residential or commercial property of minerals?

60.Magnetite has actually the following special physics property: _________ In various other words the is: __________

61.One the the hardest naturally developing minerals is ____________.

62.The physical property denoting a mineral"s tendency to crack along rough, jagged surface is: ____.

63.For each illustration below, note the number of cleavage directions (not planes).

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A. B. C.

64.What two significant criteria identify minerals from natural glasses? In other words, just how would friend distinguish between a natural glass and a true mineral? (hint: review the 5 criteria for a true mineral)

65.A. What is Cation Substitution? B. What two aspects are most commonly affiliated in cation substitution?

66.The chemistry that mineral breakthrough has good influence end the physics properties the minerals. Explain the chemical processes and/or chemistry attributes linked with or influencing the adhering to physical properties: