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A metallic coin is offered a positive electrical charge. What wake up to that is mass?

What minimum velocity must the cylinder and rider have actually

A university Student went to an amusement park wherein they rode a ridecalled the rotor. The is basically a large, hollow cylinder thatis rotated rapidly roughly its central axis

advice the magnitude of the pressure exerted by 2nd pillar

A 64.0 kilogram guy stands ~ above a lightweight diving board sustained by two pillars, one in ~ the finish of the board, advice the size of the pressure exerted through the 2nd pilla

discover the initial worth of the angular velocity

A kid is pushing a merry-go-round. The angle through which the merry-go-round has turned varies through time follow to ?(t)=?t+?t3, What is the initial worth of the angular

What is the minimum resistance that connecting speaker cable

24-gauge copper wire has actually a diameter the 0.51 mm. The speaker is situated exactly 6.65 m away from the amplifier. What is the minimum resistance of the connecting speaker cable at

one amusement park roller coaster starts out on a level monitor

one amusement park roller coaster starts out on a level track 50.0 m long and then goes under a 50.0-meter incline in ~ an edge of 30° to the vertical. It then goes increase a 20.0-m

uncover the ratio of teh magnitudes of the charge

A hopeful charge +q1 is situated to the left of a an unfavorable charge -q2. Top top aline passint with the two charges, theer are two locations where the full potential is zero. Th

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What is the final energy stored in the capacitor

A 100uF capacitor is at first chargcd come 10V. The capacitor is disconnected indigenous the resource that charged it, and then a 1000 Ohm resistor is connected across the capacitor,

acquire the approximate value of efficient spring stiffness

A hanging titanium wire with diameter 0.13 centimeter is initially 2.4 m long. Once an 85 kg mass is hung from it, the cable stretches an quantity 1.26 cm. Find the approximate value of