1. Think about the three parts of the circuit: the top branch through two bulbs; the middle branch with one bulb; the battery.A. Location the current through each, from greatest to least.B. Rank the voltage throughout each from best to least.

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2. Rearrange the equation present = voltage/resistance come express resistance in regards to current and voltage. Then solve the following: A certain maker in a 170-V circuit has actually a current rating the 30 A . What is the resistance the the machine (how plenty of ohms)?
3. Offered that the power consumed by a device is 1400 W operation on a 140-V line, calculation the lot of present it draws
4. Calculate the present that moves with your finger (resistance 600 Ω ) once you touch them come the terminals that a 5.6-V battery.
5. A heater uses 20 A when supplied in a 110-V line. If electrical power expenses 10 cent per kilowatt hour, the cost of to run the heater for 10 hours isA. $2.20.B. $0.55.C. $0.22.D. $5.50.E. None of these
6. Contrasted to a solitary lamp linked to a battery, two identical lamps associated in series to the exact same battery will certainly carryA. Much more current.B. Much less current.C. The very same current.
7. A 4-ohm resistor is linked in parallel v a 6-ohm resistor. This combination produces an identical resistance ofA. 2.4 ohms.B. 5 ohms.C. 10 ohms.D. 5.5 ohms.E. 4 ohms.
8. The headlights, radio, and defroster pan in an vehicle are connected inA. Parallel with a switch for each.B. Parallel without different switches.C. Collection with a switch for each.D. Series without separate switches.
9. A circuit is powered v a battery. Charge flowsA. Out of the battery and into the circuit.B. Just after a couple seconds pass.C. Indigenous the an unfavorable battery terminal to the hopeful terminal.D. Through both the battery and also the rest of the circuit.E. No one of these
10. As much more lamps room put right into a series circuit, the all at once current in the strength sourceA. Decreases.B. Continues to be the same.C. Increases.
11. Two lamps, one through a special filament and one through a thin filament, are associated in parallel come a battery. The voltage isA. Greatest across the lamp through the special filament.B. The same in both lamps.C. Greatest throughout the lamp through the thin filament.
12. 2 lamps, one v a thick filament and one v a thin filament, are linked in series. The existing isA. Higher in the lamp with the thin filament.B. Higher in the lamp through the thick filament.C. The exact same in each lamp.
13. A circuit breaker often serves the same purpose as aA. Capacitor.B. Fuse.C. BatteryD. All of the above choices room correct.E. None of the over choices room correct.

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14. A 100-Watt desk lamp glows brighter than a 25-Watt lamp. The electrical resistance of the 100-Watt lamp must beA. Less.B. Greater.C. The same.
15. As soon as two lamps are associated in collection to a battery, the electric resistance that the battery senses isA. Less than the resistance of either lamp.B. An ext than the resistance of either lamp.C. None of these
16. As soon as a 10-V battery is associated to a resistor, the existing in the resistor is 2 A. What is the resistor"s value?A. More than 20 ohmsB. 2 ohmsC. 5 ohmsD. 20 ohmsE. 10 ohms