In this lessons, us will learn the following parts the a circle: diameter, chord, radius,arc and tangent.

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We will also learn around congruent circles, concentric circles and also intersecting circles.

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The complying with figures display the different parts the a circle: tangent, chord, radius, diameter,minor arc, major arc, boy segment, major segment, minor sector, significant sector. Role downthe web page for an ext examples and also explanations.



In geometry, a circle is a closeup of the door curve developed by a collection of pointson a aircraft that space the very same distance indigenous its center O. Thatdistance is recognized as the radius that the circle.



The diameter of a circle is a heat segment the passesthrough the center of the circle and has its endpoints ~ above the circle. Every the diameters the thesame circle have actually the same length.



A chord is a line segment with both endpoints on the circle. The diameter is a specialchord the passes with the center of the circle. The diameter would be the longest chordin the circle.



The radius that the one is a heat segment from the centerof the circle to a point on the circle. The many of radius is radii.


In the above diagram, O is the center of the circle and and

 are radii the the circle. The radii that a circle space all the exact same length. The radius is fifty percent thelength the the diameter.


An arc is a part of a circle.


In the diagram above, the component of the circle native B to C creates an arc.

An arc deserve to be measure in degrees.

In the one above, arc BC is same to the ∠BOC the is 45°.


A tangent is a line the touches a circle at just one point.A tangent is perpendicular come the radius at the allude ofcontact. The point of tangency is whereby a tangent line touches the circle.


In the above diagram, the heat containing the clues B and also C is a tangent to the circle.

It touches the circle at allude B and also is perpendicular come the radius.Point B is dubbed the point of tangency.

is perpendicular come i.e.

Parts that A Circle

The following video clip gives the interpretations of a circle, a radius, a chord, a diameter, secant, secant line, tangent, congruent circles, concentric circles, and intersecting circles.

A secant line intersects the one in two points.

A tangent is a line the intersects the circle in ~ one point.

A point that tangency is where a tangent line touches or intersects the circle.

Congruent circles room circles that have actually the same radius but different centers.

Concentric circles room two circles that have actually the same center, however a different radii.

Intersecting Circles: two circles may intersect at two points or in ~ one point. If theyintersect at one suggest then they have the right to either be externally tangent or within tangent.

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Two circles that perform not intersect can either have a usual external tangent or typical internaltangent.In the common outside tangent, the tangent does no cross in between the 2 circles.In the common inner tangent, the tangent crosses in between the two circles.

Parts the A Circle, consisting of Radius, Chord, Diameter, central Angle, Arc, and Sector

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