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We’ve compiled one ultimate perform of more than 130 animals that start with U! our list provides only common names due to the fact that scientific surname are difficult to pronounce and also probably no what you’re spring for.

We’ve also only consisted of wild animals(no domestic pets or pets breeds). This list focuses on vertebrates (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, & fish) yet includes a pair invertebrate pets at the end, like the Urchin!


But first, how many animals beginning through u have the right to you come increase with? Go gain some document and a pen and shot and make your own list first. We did the very same (well, we had some help as we have a bunch of books over here yet guess how many pets we got on our list?

How Many animals That begin With U space on ours list?

31 Mammals36 Birds4 Reptiles6 Amphibians54 Fish6 Invertebrates= 137 animals That begin With the Letter U!

If girlfriend want an ext information around any of these animals that start with u, you can highlight a surname in the list and then ideal click it in her browser. Pick “Search through Google” and also check the results. Several of my favorite details sources are the IUCN Redlist, Arkive, Fishbase, the Cornell lab of Ornithology, Encyclopedia that Life, & One Zoom.

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Here’s a brief list of my favorites pets beginning v u to acquire you started

Uakari (a monkey)Unau (a sloth)Urial (a wild sheep)Urchin (a spiny marine creature)Umbrellabird (a bird with a large crest)Unicornfish (a fish v a long nose)Uromastyx (a spiny lizard)Uguisu (a Japanese nightingale)

Urchins are few of my favorite pets that start with U!


Mammals: 31 animals That start With U


Animals That begin With U: Uinta Chipmunk

Uakari (monkey)Unau (sloth)Urial (sheep)Ucayali spiny mouseUganda KobUganda large-toothed shrewUgandan shrewUinta chipmunkUinta soil squirrelUltimate shrewUmboi tube-nosed fruit batUnadorned absent wallabyUnalaska collared lemmingUnderwood’s bonneted batUnderwood’s long-tongued batUnderwood’s pocket gopherUnderwood’s water mouseUnexpected noodle ratUngava collared lemmingUnicolored arboreal rice ratUnicolored oldfield mouseUnicolored tree ratUnstriped soil squirrelUnstriped tube-nosed batUral field mouseUrartsk mouse-like hamsterUsambara shrewUssuri shrewUssuri shrewUssuri tube-nosed batUtah prairie dog

Birds: 36 animals That start With U


Animals That begin With U: Upland Goose

UguisuUmbrellabirdUdzungwa PartridgeUganda woodland WarblerUltramarine FlycatcherUltramarine GrosbeakUltramarine KingfisherUltramarine LoryUluguru Violet-backed SunbirdUnadorned FlycatcherUndulated AntpittaUndulated AntshrikeUndulated TinamouUnicolored JayUnicoloured AntwrenUnicoloured BlackbirdUnicoloured TapaculoUnicoloured ThrushUniform AntshrikeUniform CrakeUniform FinchUniform TreehunterUnspotted Saw-whet OwlUnstreaked Tit-TyrantUpcher’s WarblerUpland AntshrikeUpland BuzzardUpland GooseUpland PipitUpland SandpiperUral OwlUrich’s TyrannuletUrsula’s SunbirdUsambara AkalatUsambara WeaverUssher’s Flycatcher

Reptiles: 4 animals That start With U

UromastyxUpemba mud turtleUribe’s False Cat-eyed SnakeUzzell’s Lizard

Amphibians: 6 animals That begin With U

Uganda clawed frogUluguru Blue-bellied FrogUmar TreefrogUpland Chorus FrogUsambara Blue-bellied FrogUsambara torrent frog

Fish: 55 pets That begin With U

UnicornfishUaru CichlidU-mark sandperchU-spot wrasseUganda nothobranchUkrainian brook lampreyUlrey’s tetraUmatilla daceUmbee CichlidUmbrella cichlidUmbrella congerUmpqua chubUmpqua daceUmpqua squawfishUnarmed dwarf monocle breamUnarmored threespine sticklebackUncinate sculpinUncombed blennyUnderjaw kingfishUndistinguished sabretoothUndulate painted rayUndulated morayUngusurculus colletteiUnicolor morayUnicorn crestfishUnicorn icefishUnicorn leatherjacketUnicorn soleUnion snookUnited-lip GudgeonUpjaw barbUpland bullyUpper Grijalva livebearerUpper Zambesi labeoUpper Zambesi squeakerUpper Zambezi nembweUpper Zambezi yellowfishUpside-down gobyUpside-down harptail blennyUpsidedown catfishUpturned snout rattailUrchin clingfishUruguay river spratUruguay tetraUruguayan eartheaterUsamacinta buffaloUsangu lampeyeUssuri catfishUssuri sharpbellyUsumacinta cichlidUsumacinta sea catfishUtah chubUtah Lake sculpinUtah sucker

Invertebrates: 6 pets That begin With U

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Animals That start With U: Urchin

UrchinUlysses ButterflyUnderwing mothUncas SkipperUnlined giant Chafer BeetleUliodon (genus of spiders)More short articles From Our animal Alphabet Series