When the celebrated German mathematician knife Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855) was nine he to be asked to add all the integers indigenous 1 through 100. He quickly added 1 come 100, 2 come 99, and so on for 50 bag of numbers each including to 101.Answer: 50 X 101=5,050.Now uncover the sum of all the number in integers indigenous 1 through 1,000,000,000.That"s all the number in all the numbers, no all the numbers themselves.

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Show the the relative error in the volume the a sphere, as result of an error in measure up the diameter, is three times the relative error
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Two men and two women, all transporting loaded shotguns, drove to a ar where castle planned to shoot as countless birds as possible. The 4 had absolutely no desire to eat any kind of of the birds they to be planning come shoot, and also they carried no dog to retrieve any they taken place to hit. Each of the four human being in turn would loudly scream a one-word command, and also when a bird would fly the end in former of them, they would certainly shoot to damage it. Once they were finished, the bodies of 99 birds lay mutilated in the field, as only one bird had escaped their deadly shooting skills. The two men and also two women cheerfully exchanged high-fives, and also congratulated each other on their great hour of destruction. Number of onlookers, who taken place to witness the onslaught, offered the four a according to round the applause for the entert
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The game of “chuck-a-luck” is played at carnivals in some components of Europe. Itsrules space asfollows: You choose a number indigenous 1 to 6 and also the operator
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A store has actually on sale a computer and also word processor small enough come fit in your pocket. It have the right to add, multiply, subtract, divide, and also write in every languages. A delete device will correct any kind of error. No electrical energy is forced to run it. The price? only a couple of cents! How have the right to the keep make a benefit by offering it so cheap?
The scores of an English test out of 100 of 20 students room given listed below : 75, 69, 88, 55, 95, 88, 73, 64, 75, 98, 88, 95, 90, 95, 88, 44, 59, 67, 88, 99.
The scores of an English test out of 100 that 20 students room given below : 75, 69, 88, 55, 95, 88, 73, 64, 75, 98, 88, 95, 90, 95, 88, 44, 59, 67, 88, 99.

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