l>Law the Gravity: any two bodies tempt each otherin straight proportion to their masses and also inversely to the square the thedistance in between them.

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Formula: F = GMm/r2

where G = 6.67 x 10-11N m2 / kg2, M is the mass of one object (the larger/moremassive one), m is the fixed of the second object (thesmaller/less substantial one), r is the radial distance in between the centersof M and also m

Clearly, one have the right to plug in worths for G, because that M and also m (inunits that kg) and r (in units of m) and also derive a numerical value for theforce F. However much the the time, that is much more useful to do comparisons. For example,

Compare the pressure of gravity at the surface of theMoon to the at the surface ar of the Earth:

FEarth / Fmoon = /

FEarth / Fmoon = /

FEarth / Fmoon = 2

FEarth / Fmoon = <5.98 x 1024 kg/7.35 x 1022 kg><1738 km/6378 km>2

FEarth / Fmoon = <81.4><1/3.67>2

FEarth / Fmoon = 6.04

maEarth / mamoon = 6.04

aEarth / amoon = 6.04

hence, girlfriend "weigh" 6 times more on earth than top top the moon(or 6 times less on the moon 보다 on Earth) 

The acceleration of gravity on the surface ar of the earth is the exact same for allobjects, and also depends on the Mass and Radius that the Earth. The acceleration walk not rely on the massive of the object being accelerated:

FEarth = GMEarthm/(rEarth)2

FEarth = maEarth

maEarth = GMEarthm/(rEarth)2

aEarth = GMEarth/(rEarth)2

aEarth = (6.67 x 10-11Nm2/kg2)(5.97 x 1024kg) / (6.378 x 106m)2

aEarth = 9.79 N / kg = 9.79 m /s2

What is the force of gravity between a 100 kg object (me) and also the Earth?

Fgravity = GMEarthmme/(rEarth)2

Fgravity = (6.67 x 10-11Nm2/kg2)(5.97 x 1024kg)(100 kg) / (6.378 x 106m)2

Fgravity = (9.79 N /kg)(100 kg) = 979 N

Note that 1 pound = 4.448 N so

Fgravity = 979 N (1 lb / 4.448 N) = 220 lb

So my weight, in pounds, is the pressure of gravity on me.

If ns were top top the Moon, what would my load be?

aEarth / amoon = 6.04

Fmoon = mamoon

Fmoon = (100 kg)(aEarth/6.04)

Fmoon = (100 kg)((9.79 N/kg)/6.04)

Fmoon = 162 N = 36.4 lb

So ns really perform "weigh" one-sixth as much on the moon as on the Earth, however there continues to be the very same amount of me (100 kg).

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Remember: mass is the quantity of stuff the end of which ns am made while weight is the local pressure of gravity speeding up a provided mass.