Here girlfriend can uncover out about all the various size prints we offer and also our advice if you space struggling come choose. Our size are accessible in centimetres and inches and fit most standard framework sizes.

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50 x 70 cm (18 x 24 Inches) – The perfect gift

As a one-off or the begin of a collection, the 50 x 70 cm map is our most versatile and popular size. As there space a huge selection of fitting frames, it also makes the perfect gift. The 50 x 70 cm maps look great together in twos, threes or fours in a horizontal gallery. If you are a globetrotter this can be the perfect means to capture your most memorable places.

The most amazing usage of a 50 x 70 centimeter map to be a collection of 30 urban in Sonoma County, California. Next by side on two rows lock look fantastic.

There is practically no ar on planet that i will not ~ fit perfect onto a 50 x 70 cm map, whether in portrait or see format.

61 x 91 cm (24 x 36 Inches) – Perfect in a Pair

If her favourite ar is not quite vast enough come warrant a summary the 61 x 91 centimeter size can be the perfect an option as it has the highest facet of our standard sized prints.

70 x 100 centimeter – an excellent alone

If you room looking to to fill a big space v a solitary map, this is the dimension for you. The 70 x 100 centimeter map functions perfectly alone and especially through a Handmade structure or comparable frame through a broad border. Choose the summary sizes, it attractive attention and is one unmissable explain in any room.

The 70 x 100 cm size is great in for the wall surface in a an individual office.

Custom Sizes

If none of the over sizes works for your situation, no problem, us can also print practice sizes. If friend would choose to have a practice sized print, contact us v the compelled size in centimetres or inches. We’ll most likely ask you to make a preview in our editor on among our typical sizes for this reason that us can gain an idea that the map you’d prefer to create. We’ll climate prepare your photo in the compelled size and send friend a connect to make your order.


Our panoramic city maps space now obtainable in Germany! create your stunning panoramic city map currently as a poster or together our new, high top quality aluminium print.


Instant delivery and also something beautiful friend can offer on a unique occasion. Design for home printing.

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Get motivated by our gallery of beautiful map examples. Allow us do the difficult work and find something the excites you. Simply click to start designing.

We obsess end the smallest details so the every one of our maps is perfect. It’s a component of our German roots!

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