It is very important for you to observe every behavior and characteristics and growth of the little newborns German Shepherd.

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Newborn Stage

German Shepherd puppies are fully dependent on their mother until they are 2 weeks old. They are blind, deaf, with no teeth and have to pile on their litter mates to balance the body temperature. Their mother will lick them to clean after they are born.

German Shepherd Puppies 5 Weeks Old. Image Source: Onlinedirectories

6 to 8 weeks is the time when your German shepherd puppies teeth will be all grown and the teething process starts. It is also the period when your puppy will start bonding and start developing mentally.

Some GSD puppy tends to fear with the things all new around them however by the 50th day your German Shepherd puppy will begin to show the adult brain waves.

When the puppy is 6-8 weeks old, you should consider giving them vaccinations for Distemper and Parainfluenza. You can also vaccinate them with Bordetella vaccination.

Juvenile Stage: 8 Weeks To 6 Months

8 to 12 weeks is actually when the puppy gets adopted by their new families. It is also the time when your German Shepherd puppy can start eating solid foods since their teething has just begun.

You should vaccinate your GSD puppy with DHPP vaccinations (Distemper, Adenovirus , Parainfluenza and Parvovirus) when it is 10-12 weeks. Other vaccinations for Bordetella, Lyme disease, Coronavirus, and Leptospirosis are optional. Furthermore, when the puppy is about 12-16 weeks, vaccinations for Rabies and DHPP is recommended.

Generally, a German Shepherd puppy’s front teeth are all in by 3 months and the set of all teeth are grown in by about 6 months.

Not only teething but you will notice the following things too:

Your German Shepherd’s ears will start going up and down.The puppy will go through their mouthing and chewing stage while teething.

If you want your GSD pup to be well trained then this stage is the right time you could cut out the negative behaviors from your German Shepherd before they become a habit. The following things are very important:

Take your puppy to puppy school.Socializing with other animals and people.Be consistent with the rules and boundaries both in your house and in public.Spend time with your GSDs as much as possible cuddling, patting, exercising.

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Adolescent: 6 months to 1 or 2 Years

This phase is when your pup will start mature sexually. Males could establish dominance over other dogs and will also start marking their territories. However, females may be inconsistent with their temperament or may become escape experts.