Let's see if us canwrite 3/5 together a decimal. And I encourage youto pause this video clip and think about if youcan carry out it on your own. And also I'll offer you a hint here. Have the right to we rewrite thisfraction so, rather of it being in terms of fifths,it can be in regards to tenths? so I'm presume you'vegiven a go at it. Let's shot to rewrite thisas a fraction with 10 together the denominator. However let's just firstvisualize this. For this reason we have actually fifths. So let's speak that's 1/5. Actually, permit me justcopy and paste this. That is 2/5. That is 3/5, and that is 4/5. And that is 5/5, or thiswould be a entirety now. So that is ours whole. And we desire to colorin 3 the those 5, therefore we desire to thinkabout what 3/5 are. Therefore let me get my magenta out. For this reason that's 1/5. I have the right to actually make thisbigger even-- 2/5 and also 3/5. There you go. Shade that in. That is 3/5. Now, how could Iwrite this in regards to tenths-- instead of 3/5,a certain number of tenths? Well, let's separation thiswhole right into tenths. And also the easiest way tosplit this entirety into tenths is to take it each of thosefifths and turn them into 2/10. For this reason let's carry out that. For this reason If we were to dothis ideal over here, we now have twiceas plenty of sections. For this reason another way ofthinking about it, we space multiplying thenumber of sections by 2. Us now have 10 sections. Every of these is a tenth. And the 3 the those part arenow going come be twice as many. What we have actually in magenta, wenow have twice as many sections in magenta. Therefore we're going to multiplythat by 2 as well. Notice we simply multiplied thenumerator and also the denominator through 2. Yet hopefully it makesconceptual sense. Every piece, when we'retalking about fifths, we've currently doubled sothat instead of every 1/5 is now 2/10. You have actually a 1/10now and also a 1/10 now. And we can just keepwriting 1/10 if we like. Each of these points rightover below are a tenth. And then every of the 3 arenow twice as countless tenths. Therefore the 3/5 is currently 6/10. So let's compose that down. For this reason this is going tobe equal to 6/10. Now why is this interesting? You have the right to literallyview this together 6/10-- let me write it thisway-- 6 time 1/10. I'm walk to carry out that in blue. 6 time 1/10. Fine what's another means torepresent 6/10 or 6 time 1/10? fine you deserve to expressthat as a decimal, where we walk to the one per 10 place. So when you write adecimal-- so let's watch 0 point-- the placeright come the right of the decimal, thatis the one per 10 place. This right overhere is the ones. That appropriate overhere is the tenths. That's the tenths place. Therefore how many tenths do we have? We have actually six tenths. Therefore we could write this together 0.6. So there you have actually it. Permit me compose that. This is equal to 0.6. And also we're done.

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We've simply expressedthis as a decimal. 0.6 is the samething together 6/10, which could be rewrittenas 3/5 or angry versa.