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I just bought a supplied 2012 grand Caravan. Ns was torn between it and a pickup, due to the fact that i need an daily vehicle, but likewise something great for sometimes towing that high weights. I worked out on the caravan, but I am having a very complicated time finding definitive info on what I need for towing. I have actually read the manual, too.So, my concerns are:Do I need anything beyond a course II hitch come tow up to the maximum capacity? carry out I need a weight distributing hitch? execute I require a rest controller? execute I require a infection cooler? At the very least one website I saw discussed transmission coolers being stock top top the 2012 cool Caravans. Can anyone verify?Thank you every so
A load distributing hitch will price you a quite penny but they space worth every one of them and easier ~ above the car imo. Can"t speak for the transmission cooler yet I recognize the wife"s caravan has actually one.
Found this. Don"t understand if it"s gospel yet they speak yes, the aux cooler is standard. Review under "Drivetrain": begs the question though. They sell a tow package. Does the tow package offer a greater capacity cooler? If so possibly that"s the aux cooler you need. What"s your dealer have to say?
I have actually a 2012 GC , sent my VIN # right into Dodge , they came earlier with my allowable towing cap. Mine is just 1,000 pounds. BUMMER, ns didn"t think this to be going to be this low of a weight. Then they to speak I have to use a trailer brake system. I would choose to pull at least a pop-up camper. Yet just e-mail Dodge her Vin # and they deserve to tell friend what load you can pull.
I have actually towed countless things v my 2012 GC CVP and I don"t have the Tow Package.Running the class 3 Uhaul hitch and the Tow ready wiring kit that is plug and also play and have towed countless Uhaul Trailers (5x8, 6x12, Auto Transport)Towed home a 1988 VW Cabrio ~ above the Auto deliver Trailer indigenous Niagara drops to Stoney Creek Ontario ~ above the highway v no issues.Dealer said roughly 1500lbs with out Trailer package however I ran the Torque app on mine Nexus 5 with my bluetooth scanner and also the transmission wasn"t to run too warm considering ns was towing over 4000lbs and also had 5 civilization in the van.I say shot it out and I have talked to service advisors and they space telling me they have heard world towing much more with there GCs.

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All cool Caravans indigenous 2012 on room rated to tow the max that 3600lbs. Native the factory. They every come with a tranny cooler is the top section of the AC condenser, you have the right to see the lines indigenous the transmission to the cooler top top the appropriate side stand in former of the vehicle. The optional tow package consists of a hitch and wiring only.
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