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Did you check to make sure you also have one? i was details that I had one (it provides sense) on mine 97 Sierra, yet after act a tiny research, I found that the factor auto components stores didn"t carry one because that my truck was because GM didn"t placed it in.
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i dont watch that you have one. That is not listed in the owner manual. Because that the 99-2005 models you would have to removed the heater cover underneath the dash on the passagers side. Four bolts host it on. Then there would certainly be a press in tab that opened a small door publication the 2 filter elements. The chiltons manual has actually a good pictorial of just how to carry out this. Ns recommend getting one if you plan on doing any type of work ~ above the truck yourself.
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Starting in 2003 GM stop cabin air filters in trucks, so there is no cabin air filter in a 2008 truck.I can"t say the an exact reason but one GM company manager said me it to be mostly due to the fact that it to be a contentious service issue in that a big percentage the owners had no idea one exist in their vehicles till the A/C system emerged problems as result of the filters being plugged. And when they were charged by dealer a confiscatory lot to replace them Chevy received plenty of customer complaints. Filter are never ever covered through warranty.They were no that straightforward for the average person to service.

It seems favor such a an excellent idea to have actually cabin filters. I have the right to see the distinction in the lot of dust and also pollen top top the dashboard between my auto that has one and also the truck that doesn"t. Since I to be an allergy sufferer, the cabin filter is very important come me. I was surprised the my 2009 Sierra go not also have the alternative of having actually one.On part level I understand why GM stop them. But if the manufacturers design them to be conveniently replaced, that would be a better resolution.They have made it such a royal pain in the *ss to readjust them, that it is not generally something the average automobile owner would be able to do.My wife"s Subaru did not come with a filter, however was design to have one installed. I chose to download it, and also that involved removing the glovebox and component of the dash. Adhering to those damned wordless instruction manuals for installation, I offered all the *$*#$&#^
^ words myself! yet once done, it will be simpler to do the second time around.I also have an enlarge German sedan the was equally difficult the an initial time. I"ve mounted that one a couple of times over the critical 10 years, so I know which screws come remove, and which persons to leaving alone. That still take away me a fifty percent hour, yet at what the dealer charges because that labor, I"d leave it out.While they can cause clogging the the air system, they administer a wonderful service. If I could install one in my Sierra, i would.

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