I can"t it seems ~ to find this bastard.

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all the fuel filter top top my various other cars space in the open however I can"t find it in the PT

04 january 2006, 08:54 am


Inside the gas tank....
Absolutely correct...and because that anyone reading this..that"s why you need to never operation your fuel tank under really low. The fuel filter and also fuel pump are at the bottom of the tank. The pump is cooled and lubricated through the fuel/gas itself. Running the tank yes, really low could cause the pump to burn out. Info from our resident PT GURU (Thanks Mike).
right confirm by mine neighbor........pretty dumb idea though simply to display u the man putting this car together never had a used automobile for more than 50k miles in his or she life
Ok around the fuel filter on one 06 PT Cruiser, if it"s inside the gas tank execute I need to take it to a mechanic shop to get it replaced? also I"m gift told to replace it every 30K, is that right? i m really sorry I"m not acquainted w/these things and unfortunately don"t have anyone to aid me with it. Any assist is appreciated. Thanks. Or you could email me
Ok around the fuel filter on one 06 PT Cruiser, if it"s inside the gas tank execute I have to take it come a mechanic shop to get it replaced? also I"m gift told to replace it every 30K, is the right? .....
30K??!!! No, not that soon. Ns don"t also remember hear of a recommended service interval. Anybody?? Replacing the fuel filter involves raising the car, dropping the tank, pulling the end the pump assembly. Then, putting it all back together again. More than likely you don"t require a grasp mechanic to perform it, but due to the fact that you"re handling fuel, you would sure want someone that knew what hes doing.Carey is right, don"t run low top top gas all the time, ithe gas helps save the pump cool.srg
There are many sites digital which sell simply the fuel filter (without the pump). Does this average that you can replace the filter there is no replacing the pump. Has anyone top top this list actually changed a fuel filter without replacing the pump?My "01 Cruiser with 73k mile is hesitating as soon as I action on the gas hard and also I think the filter needs to be replaced, yet I"d quite not change the pump at ~$300.Thanks...
My Cruiser only has actually 12K on her, however, I have actually a 97 Dodge lamb 1500 that has actually 132K mile on her and also I have never replaced the fuel pump or the filter and also all is well. First time i took that in because that a track up, mechanic claimed that the filter was not a serviceable part unless the pump is replaced.Hope this helps........Rick
I had actually 87,000 mile on my "02, have actually 77,000+ mile on mine "05, and also know of many other PT owners with well end 100,000 miles - never ever touched fuel pump or filter.

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Fuel is lot cleaner this days 보다 it was, say, 30 year ago. Most pumps now have filters ~ above the filler hoses. Additionally fues systems on our vehicles are now closed and also not vented to the outside. For this reason your no going to acquire the dirt in your fuel system like you would have actually in year past. That"s my take it on fuel systems now days.
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