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I have a 2005 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE V6. Where deserve to I uncover out or how can i identify what kind of transmission fluid is in mine car?
I have a 2005 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE V6. Where can I discover out or how have the right to i identify what kind of transmission fluid is in my car?
In the owners hands-on it should tell friend the encourage fluid. Ns think it"s choose Nissan kmatic automatic transmission fluid or something favor that i can"t rememeber
"05 3.5 SEMods:-footwell lighting-LED light piece behind grill-random V-LEDs replcement bulbs-Magnaflow exhaust-cheap ebay headers-the well known SES light

"05 3.5 SEMods:-footwell lighting-LED light strip behind grill-random V-LEDs replcement bulbs-Magnaflow exhaust-cheap ebay headers-the notorious SES light

well... I was, yet i found a great deal in ~ coleman-taylor transmission. I think I"m going to let them execute it.

Make sure they only use Nissan Matic-k because their great deal could mean shit fluid that isn"t compatible through our transmissions. Our car isn"t favor a ford or chevy which commonly take off the shelf ATF fluid.
well... In ~ coleman-taylor they have a coupon on your website for $20 off... I"ll call them, since that looks straightforward to do, however to drain and also fill 2-3 times have the right to be simply as high-quality as taking it somewhere where they deserve to reverse flow and also even readjust your filter. I"ll store that connect in my repertoire though.
No filter to adjust on our transmission IIRC and also I would perform a drain and fill now and then drive approximately for a few hundred miles and also then perform another and also you must be good to go.
simply draining and also filling is straightforward enough... Is it sufficient enough, however, come clean the end the infection by just draining and also refilling?
Yes that is sufficient enough. Similar to draining the provided oil from your motor and also refilling the with brand-new oil, no require for expensive "flushes". The oil drain plug is magnetized and also attracts any kind of metal shavings therefore no worries about anything besides oil gift left behind once you drainpipe it.

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I introduce you take it a look in ~ Jim no borders suggestion of going through nissans tranny oil.Search and you will find the answer. (Agree with 3rdgen"s recommendation)Drain and also fill then journey for a couple of hundred miles then flushing it again.It would probably free up part sludge.Best maintence practice. No 100 percent necessary but it would aid remove extra crud."Use your dipstick jimmy"
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I haven"t searched yet yet how around fluid for a manual? ns have always believed in Redline MT-90. Any thoughts?
I haven"t searched yet yet how about fluid because that a manual? ns have constantly believed in Redline MT-90. Any kind of thoughts?
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