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My huge collection of shop manuals mirrors the firing bespeak (1-2-3-4-5-6) because that my 06 3.6, however I can"t uncover the picture that mirrors which cylinders lock are. Which web page is that on? (This question is related to history codes of P0300, 0301, 0303, and 0305.)Thank you.

The cylinder head that is the furthest front is constantly #1. ~ above the 3.6 it is the passenger next head, front many cylinder.
please exactly me if i"m wrong but if you"re in prior of the vehicle looking in ~ the engine the an initial cylinder is at the front on the engine ~ above the vehicle drivers side and the 4th cylinder is in ~ the front of the engine top top the passenger side.edit: yep, ns was dorn lol.

Cylinder #1 is always right financial institution (the engines right), forward many position, nevertheless of engine orientation.Looking in ~ the engine from the prior of the car, V6.:A longitudinally mounted engine-5v63v41v2VFrontTransverse, crank to your left -1 3 52 4 6Crank come your best -6 4 25 3 1
Cylinder #1 is always right financial institution (the engines right), forward most position, regardless of engine orientation.Looking in ~ the engine indigenous the front of the car, V6.:A longitudinally mounted engine-5v63v41v2VFrontTransverse, crank to your left -1 3 52 4 6Crank come your right -6 4 25 3 1

Cylinder #1 is always right bank (the engines right), forward most position, nevertheless of engine orientation. Looking in ~ the engine native the former of the car, V6.: A longitudinally an installed engine- 5v6 3v4 1v2 V front Transverse, crank to your left - 1 3 5 2 4 6 Crank to your ideal - 6 4 2 5 3 1
Cylinder 1 is NOT always the ideal bank. Because that example tiny block Chevy"s room the the left bank as well as GM"s 3800"s. Favor stated prior to number 1 is always the bank farthest forward.

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Thank You to all who responded. I gained a an alert from OnStar that some emissions-related codes to be showing: P0300, 0301, 0303, 0305. These space for misfire in cylinders 1,3,5. I remember starting the car a couple of days back and it appeared kind of rough, yet smoothed out once I tapped the gas. I"m thinking that"s once the codes were set (no examine Engine irradiate showing).So, I"m wonder what would reason the 3 right-hand cylinders to misfire- fuel rail issue? Ignition?
Why are human being posting info that has actually absolutely nothing to do with the OP"s early post?! stop misleading him. I dont think he care what the firing bespeak is top top a chevy or exactly how the engine lay-out is in a former wheel drive car. Last ns checked...the CTS was rear wheel drive!!! If girlfriend don"t recognize your stuff, then simply hold ago your comments. I know my stuff, so right here goes the solution.Dude, was standing at the former of the car...look in ~ the engine...on the drivers side of the engine...starting v the cylinder nearest the headlight...thats number 1...the second cylinder back from the headlight is number 3...the headlight closest come the windshield ~ above the vehicle drivers side is number 5. You gained misfires ~ above thosecylinders, therefore thats all you obtained to worry around with this thread. Cylinders 1, 3, and 5 room the ones on the motorists side of the engine.....closest come the front bumper is number 1...then number 3....then number 5 is the cylinder closest to the windshield.If friend are gaining misfires on all those cylinders then the coil fill is bad. All those 3 cylinders" ignition events are initiated through 3 coils housed in a one-piece plastic unit. If girlfriend can change spark plugs on this car, climate you CAN change out that coil pack. The coil pack expenses a pair hundred bucks in ~ a store, however, if you"re spring to conserve some cash, search some wrecking yards because that the part. If you can"t find any kind of CTS cars in ~ the wrecking yard, then try to discover some Saturns because some Saturns supplied the same precise ignition fill on thier engines as the Cadi.Remove the old coil pack and also inspect it because that "hairline" size cracks and or blistering/bubbled plastic. There is NO method possible because that you to mess v the shoot orderso just disregard all garbage that was mentioned around 165432...or everything the number mix was. That doesn"t matter.