This is not rather my normal tech post, yet I thought this might helpother folks needing to change the O2 sensor in this specific model.There"s some conflicting and incomplete indevelopment out on the internet forthis fairly simple task, so hopecompletely this will clarify things alittle bit.

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1 Diagnosis

The inspect engine light came on in my wife"s vehicle, and I lastly got apossibility to buy an OBD-II sensor. I finished up going via the BAFX ELM 327Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool

. This tool had decent reviews, wasunder $25, and also might affix by means of bluetooth to an old android tablet Ihad actually lying around. This scanner pairs up conveniently with the complimentary Andoid appreferred to as "Torque Lite", which deserve to check out the error out of the car"sengine-control-unit (ECU) and recollection it.

When I obtained this hooked up (the OBD-II port is under the dash on thedriver"s side, coming out from the appropriate side over the acceleratorpedal), the code reported using Torque was:

P0135 "O2 sensor heater circuit financial institution 1 sensor 1"A quick internet search yielded the indevelopment that this was theupstream sensor.1

2 Parts required

With the difficulty identified, I simply had to rearea the O2 sensor.

3 Replacement

Apply some penetrating oil to the sensor

Examine the wiring harness while you wait for the sensor to loosenup. The wire from the sensor clips into a socket, and also both areattached by means of a metal tab to the frame.

Disconnecting the old sensor wiring harnesswas the the majority of hard part of this totality job, provided that I"d neverdone this before, and likewise the leastern recorded piece.


The initially step is to pry the wire clip and socket off this metalclip. Push the little tab shown in the picture up in the direction of the wireclip (you may hear a slight click) , and also then startwiggling the clip off the steel tab . Go slow; the metalwill commonly have oxidized, and you don"t want to yank as well hard incase it comes loose easily and you end up stressing the wiringcoming from the ECU.

Once the wire clip and socket are totally free from the steel tab, you needto rerelocate the clip from the socket. Push dvery own on the much end of theheight of the socket , and pull the clip out slowly . This part should come out sensibly easily; if it does not, thatmeans you"re not pushing the tab on the socket appropriately to releasethe clip effectively.

Now, you"re complimentary to use the socket to rerelocate the old O2 sensor. Turncounter-clockwise to loosen, and also then usage your hands to revolve theremainder and also pull out the sensor, being cautious not to damage thethreads.

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Put anti-seize grease (contained with your sensor) on the threads ofthe brand-new O2 sensor, then thread it in by hand, lastly tighteningutilizing the socket (Not super tight prefer a tire lugnut, however fairlytight)

Connect the brand-new wiring clip to the socket, and also slide the totality wiringharness ago on to the metal clip (you must hear a slight click). Make sure the wire doesn"t touch the engine block after attaching.