It starts runs rough for around three secs then turn off off..What is the procedure to reset the anti theft control..

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How perform you rest the alarm system .....the Jeep Cherokee 00 won"t also start... I have 2 keys,2 phobs . I have some monster programming concerns with unlock, programmable vehicle drivers seat...ect. Aid !!!

How to solve the alert on a 2000 jeep grand Cherokee larado that runs and also starts increase fine, however won"t collection alarm any type of answers

I have a 1997 grand jeep Cherokee Laredo. Locked itself. Now tricks wont unlock doors. . Starts then shuts down..Told it was defense system.

What come do?? likewise was told it was after markmark




I acquired the same difficulty it starts and also runs 3 come 5 secs I tired every little thing what else can I do I walk the door vital trick and nothing undid battery and rebooked and also same

Your trouble is commonly 1 the 2 issues, one of two people 1. The vital chip has actually not to be programmed, or has been dumped ~ too many keys were added, or 2. The WCM (a little electronic maker connected to her ignition switch, that has actually a loop that goes around the cylinder and “reads” the key) has failed, i m sorry is in reality a common thing with a few models of jeeps and specific models actually had actually a remind a few years back because it was so widespread.

To assist determine which problem it is, there are a few questions come ask yourself.

First, has this an essential ever kept the vehicle running, or is that a freshly reduced copy. If it is a brand-new copy, 보다 you may need to take it to a dealer or locksmith together with the automobile to have the vital programmed.

Second, if the key was a functioning one before, have actually you recently had any brand-new keys cut and programmed? If you have gotten new keys for the automobile it is feasible that the key got deleted during program the the new keys, either since the locksmith/dealer cleared existing keys, or because you exceeded maximum number of keys allowed by the WCM, which will certainly delete earliest keys very first as brand-new ones space added. Most Jeeps will allow a max of generally 6 secrets to be combine to the car, and some programming systems provided by locksmith will certainly clear all secrets prior come programming keys, it is always best come take every existing keys with you to the locksmith or dealer if friend are having a new one programmed therefore they can make sure they every get earlier in the computer system at the very same time, and also most locksmiths and dealerships will charge the exact same whether they regimen 1 or all 6 as lengthy as that is excellent at the exact same time.

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However if no of these scenarios apply, girlfriend likely have actually a bad WCM, and also I would suggest first off that you inspect to watch if over there is a recall top top your details vehicle, together you might be entitled to a totally free repair if affected by a recall, otherwise you can either have actually the WCM replaced and also reprogrammed, or there are some tutorials digital for deleting/removing the WCM, although the is not recommend and also will leaving you with 1 less anti theft device, the is an alternative that have the right to be excellent at your very own risk.