The best weight the Jeep cool Cherokee is enabled to tow. The best trailer weights noted are only applicable for altitudes as much as 3280 ft (1,000 m) over sea level. With raising altitude the engine power and therefore the car"s climbing capacity are impaired due to the fact that of the lessened air density, so the best trailer weight has to be diminished accordingly. The weight of the car and trailer have to be diminished by 10% because that every further 3280 ft (1,000 m) (or part thereof).

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Gross vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) - 5150 lb

This is the maximum quantity of load Jeep grand Cherokee is rated to bring (engine, chassis, fluids, passengers, cargo, fill - everything). It is often identified by the manufacturer and is shown in the owner"s hands-on or on the within of the drive"s door panel.

Curb weight - 3880 lb

This is how much Jeep grand Cherokee weighs sitting on the curb with no driver, passengers, no cargo and also no pack with all traditional options.

Payload capacity - 1270 lb

Payload is taken into consideration all the extra ingredient you put inside her vehicle, even if it is it be passenger or a pile of rocks, that weight is all considered payload. You can increase it by:

1) Upgrading the rear Springs.

2) including Coil-Over Shock Absorbers.

3) installing a much longer Truck Bed.

4) attaching a Trailer.

5) including Bed Racks.

former Gross Axle load Rating (GAWR) - 2500 lb

It is the same for every trims.

It is the maximum allowable weight that can be placed on a front axle of your Jeep cool Cherokee.

rear Gross Axle load Rating (GAWR) - 2950 lb

It is the exact same for every trims.

It is the best allowable load that have the right to be placed on a rear axle of your Jeep grand Cherokee.

When going for interesting trips in the open up air, you absolutely ought to save in psychic the 2001 Jeep grand Cherokee towing capacity, the is the crucial attribute for such venture. The towing capacity is a the vehicle"s highest volume the weight that it might safely tow. This data can commonly be viewed on a sticker situated on the within of the driver"s door next to the door latch. The gross auto weight rating (GVWR) is definitely the best functional load (such together cargo and also passengers) and must not be surpassed. Typically, the load of a trailer being pulled is compelled to be kept within 10-15 per cent the the GVWR.

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Beneath, we sell the information on the towing volume of the 2001 Jeep grand Cherokee through all trims and also generations. Take keep in mind the preferably towing weight might differ based upon the braking mechanism of what is being pulled. In case a trailer possesses its very own breaks then its "braked capacity". Otherwise, the is unbraked capacity. When selecting your trailer, you should take right into account the the weight and also ranking is obtained from the trailer"s producer plus all the included payload you can put right into it should never go beyond the 2001 Jeep grand Cherokee towing capacity. Violating this significant guideline will have actually an impact on your ability to handle and also make a complete stop just in time and can someday reason long lasting damage to your car or van or also trigger mishaps on the highways.


Drivers need to not exceed the Jeep grand Cherokee towing capacity as it can have serious aftermath such together interfering with your car's break ability