The maintenance compelled light, or "Maint Reqd" as it"s displayed on the tool panel, top top the Vehicles is no to be perplexed with a check engine light. The maintain light is design to come on Vehicles business intervals to notify the owner or driver that it"s time Vehicles an oil readjust service ~ above the hybrid Vehicles. Vehicles do-it-yourself oil adjust enthusiasts who own a Vehicles this procedure takes much less than a minute and requires no tools. You must reset the light after every oil readjust service for this reason you understand when the following one is due.

Under The Hood:

How to rotate Off the Maintenance forced Light on a Toyota Camry

Put your auto in "Park" and turn the ignition an essential to the "off" position.

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Locate the switch used to toggle between your pilgrimage odometer, which should be close to the speedometer display. Push the button and hold that down.


Turn your vehicle"s ignition to the "acc" setting while stop the button. Execute not crank the vehicle. Organize the position for 5 seconds and also turn the ignition vital off. Relax the button. The maintain light will be reset and also will illuminate again the following time company is due.


How to revolve Off the Maintenance compelled Light ~ above a Honda Civic

Put the crucial in the ignition.

Press and also hold the odometer reset knob. This is the knob the sticks out on the bottom best of the instrument cluster. When holding this button, rotate the an essential to the "On" position, however do not begin the engine.

Continue to organize the odometer reset knob until the "Maintenance Required" irradiate disappears -- about 10 seconds. If the "Maintenance Required" irradiate does no disappear, rotate the car off and shot the procedure again.

How to revolve Off the Maintenance forced Light in your Toyota

Put the an essential in the ignition and also turn it up one notch. The dashboard lights will certainly not revolve on.

Hold down your trip meter switch next to the odometer.

When you are holding the trip meter button down, revolve your crucial to the following notch. So, the dashboard lights will certainly be on, yet the auto will not be started. Perform not start the car.

Continue hold the pilgrimage meter switch until the light transforms off. You have actually now reset your maintain Required, or Maint Reqd, light.

How to revolve Off the Maintenance forced Light ~ above a Toyota Prius

Start the Prius v the push switch ignition system.

Set the trip-odometer screen on the instrument panel to the odometer setup (not the pilgrimage mileage, but the actual mileage of the Prius).

Power the Prius under by hitting the ignition switch again.

Locate the odometer-trip button located close to the facility of the dashboard.

Depress and also hold the odometer-trip switch with your right hand and then power on the Prius v the ignition switch with your left hand.

Continue to organize the odometer-trip switch until the "Maint Reqd" irradiate goes the end on the instrument panel.

How to rotate Off the Maintenance forced Light on a Honda Accord (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001)

Look at the speedometer in the dashboard and also find the small, black peg or button near the plastic face of the gauges. This is typically used come reset the trip odometer, it may be sticking with the clean plastic.

With the car turned off, push and hold this switch in.

While still holding the switch in, insert your car key into the ignition and also turn it come the "on" position. It"s yes sir if girlfriend actually start the engine.

With the an essential in the ~ above position, hold the button for about 10 secs or so until the Maintenance forced light transforms off.

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Turn the crucial off and back on. The light must stay turn off for several thousand miles, normally until the next designated oil readjust per her user"s manual.