How to replace Wheel Bearing Hub 99-06 Chevy Silverado 1500

Learn how to replace your very own wheel hubs on her 00-06 Chevy Silverado or Suburban or GMC Sierra or Yukon. In this video, the skilled mechanics at 1A Auto will display you just how to replace a hub that"s vibrating, groaning or loose.

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ease the lug seed covers with a 22mm socket Pry off the facility cap with a flat blade driver Loosen the lug nuts with the vehicle on the ground advanced the auto with a floor jack for sure the vehicle on jack stands remove the lug nuts Pull turn off the wheel
eliminate the T55 Torx bolts from the caliper usage either a C-clamp come squeeze the caliper to press the caliper piston in eliminate the caliper Pry the brake pads off v a level blade screwdriver use a piece of pipe and ratchet to eliminate two 18mm bolts native the caliper bracket slide the rotor turn off

For the third step, if you perform not have air tools you can either loosen the center hub nut prior to you take your brakes apart by having actually somebody hold the brakes, or you have the right to use a huge bar, put it between the lug studs to host it, and also break the bar.

Disconnect the ABS exploit from the frame and also steering spindle by remove the clips Pry turn off the facility hub cap utilizing a level blade screw driver and also hammer eliminate the 36mm center hub nut with an influence wrench and air blow gun eliminate the 3 15mm hub bolts through two 15mm wrenches twisted the hub nut a quarter of the means And hammer native the ago of the hub eliminate the hub nut and also pull the hub the end
location the backing plate onto the hub press the hub back into place Insert and tighten the 15mm hub bolts torque the 15mm hub bolts come 75 ft/lbs remove the clip and also feed the ABS harness ago into location Replace the clips and brackets to the ABS harness Replace center hub nut and washer Tighten the facility hub nut
location the rotor top top the hub twisted a lug seed to host the rotor in ar Put the caliper ~ above Replace and tighten the 18mm bolts torque the 18mm bolts come 75 ft/lbs install the new brake pads right into the bracket, tapping lightly with a hammer Grease the caliper bolts location the caliper top top the clip Replace and tighten the T55 Torx bolts torque the bolts come 30 ft/lbs
slide the wheel into place start the lug nuts by hand Tighten the lug nuts preliminarily reduced the auto to the floor Tighten the 22mm bolts Tighten the lug nuts to 100 ft/lbs in a cross or star pattern Torque the center hub seed to a 125 ft/lbs Reattach the facility cap
Pump her brakes repetitively until they feel firm Test her brakes at 5 miles every hour and also then 10 miles per hour road test the automobile

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Tools required

Large C-Clamp


Jack Stands

5mm Hex Wrench

Lug Wrench

A piece of pipeline (for leverage)

Torque Wrench


18mm Socket

36mm Socket

22mm Socket

T55 Torx Socket

15mm Wrench

Brought come you through, your resource for high quality replacement parts and also the best service top top the Internet. Hi, I"m Don from 1A Auto. I hope this how-to video clip helps girlfriend out, and the following time you need a component for her vehicle, think of Thanks.Start turn off by loosening up this 22mm lug seed covers. We"ll fast forward together Don walk this. Once those room all loosened up, you can pull the hub lid free. Now, you want to loosen the lug nuts preliminarily, progressive the vehicle and remove them the remainder of the way, uneven you have actually air powered tools. You desire to remove these two T55 Torx bolts. We"ll fast forward as Don does this. Using a large C-clamp, simply put it back behind the caliper here, and the other component right here on the brake pad, and also just twisted this in, and this walking to press your caliper piston in and also make it less complicated to traction the caliper off. Then, just remove the C-clamp, and lift her caliper up and also off. Collection it aside.Now, making use of a level blade screwdriver, just pry the end your brake pad, and also sometimes the pad is going come be stuck in there, you deserve to use a flat blade screwdriver and hammer to pry it free. Now you desire to eliminate these 2 18mm bolts on your caliper bracket, and you deserve to see, we use a piece of pipe for part extra leverage here. We"ll just fast forward together he breaks the other one cost-free and removes both of this bolts. Now, on slide the rotor off. We"ll fast-forward here as we just remove the clips that host the ABS exploit to the frame and steering spindle, and also then there"s a clip the holds the harness together, so just pull the clip back and disconnect it. Now, using a level blade screwdriver and a hammer, just pry off your hub cap. You"ll need to remove the facility hub nut. A couple of ways to execute this: you can loosen this before you take her brakes apart, have actually somebody hold the brakes and do it the way, or you might use a huge bar and put it in between the lug studs to hold it, and then you could break the bar. If you have the benefit of waiting tools prefer we carry out you require an impact wrench to remove it. Then remove these tree 15mm bolts. You desire to just use a 15mm wrench and another wrench for some extra leverage. You simply pry out, and once you"ve broken it free, you deserve to just turn it the end the remainder of the method with the one wrench. We"ll fast forward together Don go this to various other two bolts and also removes all 3 of them. Twisted the hub nut back into place just a 4 minutes 1 of the way, and then hammer from the back of the hub to break it free. Then remove the hub nut and pull her hub out. Top top the left is the old hub; ~ above the best is the new one indigenous 1A Auto. You deserve to see they"re identical, and they"ll fit specifically the same. Put your backing plate on come your brand-new hub, and then push the hub ago into place. Then just put those bolts ago in. You might need to hammer the very first one to gain started. We"ll just fast-forward as Don replaces the various other two and also tightens up all 3 of those. Climate you want to speak those 3 bolts to 75 foot-pounds each. Now, remove this clip if girlfriend left her old one in, and then feed her ABS harness earlier into place, putting the clips ago where castle belong and into those brackets. Climate reconnect your harness and also clip it ago up right into place. Change that washer and also your hub nut, and just tighten it back up into place. Push your rotor ago into place, and also then twisted on the lug nut, and also this will certainly just hold the rotor in place. Turn the wheel and also put the caliper bracket earlier into place, and also replace those two 18mm bolts. We"ll fast-forward as Don does this and tightens both of those out. Currently torque both of these to 75 foot-pounds.Now change your brake pads and also use a hammer if crucial to easy tap that into place. Grease up her caliper bolts. Placed the caliper earlier into place, and also slide those slide bolts earlier in. We"ll just fast-forward together Don tightens those up. You want to tighten these to around 30 foot-pounds. Replace your wheel, replace those lug nuts, and tighten lock preliminarily. Reduced the vehicle and also tighten lock the rest of the way. Speak the lug nuts in a crossing pattern to 100 foot-pounds, and torque this hub nut to 125 foot-pounds. Put the cap earlier in place and put it ago in. Take her hub cap and just tighten up those bolt caps. ~ doing work on her brakes, you want to pump the brake pedal until it this firm out, and also then shot a protect against test indigenous 5 miles every hour and also ten miles every hour. Climate you"re every set.We hope this video helps friend out. Lugged to girlfriend by, your resource for top quality replacement parts and the best service ~ above the Internet. Please feel totally free to speak to us toll-free, 888-844-3393. We"re the company that"s below for friend on the Internet and also in person.