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20 previous 4 & much more on 3500 N Clinton St

These world are great. Thanks for being a business, 20 past 4. Even tho Covid is tearing thru this world. They permitted me to smile and also have fun. Many thanks guys. Friend rock.

Review through Katie Lawrence

20 past 4 & an ext on 3500 N Clinton St

Wish I could give a zero star rating! I have been coming below for years and also just got the worst service! mrs was certain snooty, snobby, and rude. Over the whole quarantine I have actually come in and used my boyfriend"s credit transaction card with NO issues. I drove all the way from brand-new haven as usual to do a $100 purchase and also was all of sudden told that ns cannot usage it without a matching ID. I have actually never had this issue and also was totally disappointed v the service.

Review by Kelley Herman
20 previous 4 & more on 3500 N Clinton St

Great place for those hard to discover items. Cool shirts, posters, jewelry, and also tattoo equipment. No to cite all the various other accessories they have actually there. Simply a cool laid ago atmosphere with some cool item at decent prices.

Review by Eric Baker
20 past 4 & an ext on 2014 Broadway Ave

Decent selection. This is the just place anywhere that I deserve to walk in and get my ID confirm 4 separate times before I walk out. I execute not even look remotely young. Other than that it’s ok. Employee borderline harass you with persistence even if it is it be around your ID, or if girlfriend need help finding anything.

Review by Steven Tickle
20 past 4 & much more on 2014 Broadway Ave

Really awesome save with thousands of pieces! absolutely love the style too. The employee is really knowledgeable and friendly at this location. They have everything and then some. The just reason I gave it a 4 star is due to the fact that the items space a bit an ext pricey than various other competitors approximately town. Yet still, ns recommend castle atleast once. The save really is funny to browse through.

Review by Ash Lynn
20 previous 4 & much more on 2014 Broadway Ave

Needed a an excellent birthday for my best friend during the pandemic and they to be so advantageous with happen out different designs.Called ahead and also let them understand what ns was spring for.Great client service!!!!!

Review by Lenora Allen
20 previous 4 & much more on 2014 Broadway Ave

Terrible customer organization , I would not recommend going come this ar .

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Review by Neon Babey
20 previous 4 & more on 2014 Broadway Ave

Greatest shop ever. The employee are really friendly, educated and not pushy at all. Very reasonable pricing throughout the board!!!

Review by Jack Friedman
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