Truck will certainly not start every time/coughs (small backfire). Mechanic check out diagnostic 'high voltage top top or at camer sensor. Wherein is that located?

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Rear top of the engine. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). Please let us understand if you require anything rather to gain the problem fixed.

V8 four wheel drive automatic 130,000 miles.Where can I uncover the camshaft place sensor on a mine truck noted above? that a 2500 5.7L engine. Ns would favor to take it the old one the end so I deserve to ensure the I have actually the right part before ns order a new one. Many thanks

This can not be a 5.7 they did not market 5.7 in 1999. Only engines were 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 and 4.3. What is the eighth VIN number digit. Dual check and post back and I will certainly answer your question.

my mistake, it is a 6.0 L, 8 hours VIN digit is U.The check engine light has actually cleared, but the error code P-0343 is still in (tried clearing and is come back). GM parts direct gives me three various parts for the camshaft position sensor provided for my vehicle. Any kind of ideas i beg your pardon is the best one?
Could shot calling the dealer and they might give you the component number. The camshaft place sensor is situated at the earlier top part of the engine block, straight behind the entry manifold. Post back with any kind of other questions.
Truck was hesitating as you accelerated, then would certainly shut down favor it ran the end of gas ~ driving a pair of miles, only to begin again minutes later. I was told come replace:coolant sensor, camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor, spark plugs, and also to adjust the timing. Having done this, the truck turns over yet doesn"t start. Any type of ideas? i am in ~ the finish of my rope. Many Thanks, Renetta
Yes, they readily available a 5.7 in 1999 that is in the distributor. Pull cap pull rotor that piece that the plug is plugged right into is the electronic came sensor. Chevrolet did not know were else to put it at the time. The 5.7 is in 4x4 and also 3/4 HD pu and also 1 ton vans.
Don"t know why you were asked for to replace all the parts. You will need to start through the basics at this point, and what is leading to it not to start. Examine for spark top top one or much more plugs, and also check for fuel pressure of 55-60 psi.
electrical problem1997 Chevy Silverado V8 4 Wheel drive Automatic wherein is the camshaft sensor situated
Hello First, to far better assist friend I require to know if this is your certain vehicle, is the a 1500, 2500 etc, and also your details engine through liter. Instance is it a 5.4L 6.0L 7.3L etc gas or DSL and also what is the 8th number of your VIN.

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due to the fact that I have owned the van it has gained crappy gas milage therefore I have actually been trying to carry out some tiny thing to assist that. I have actually done a song up, purged engine, and changed all filters an ext than once. Ns took the to check out if over there were any dtc"s critical week and it come up v "camshaft come crankshaft postion coralation fault" currently I don"t know precisely what the method but it sounded choose it was either the cam and also crank sensors or the time chain. So i took the easier option first. The sensors. The truck was running before but afterwards it would certainly not run. Ns took it earlier out and also put the old one ago in and it would still no run. It transforms over but acts favor there is no spark, but I know all the wires are in the best spot, over there is spark and also it has an excellent compression. I require to acquire this solved asap for this reason any aid would it is in great.