This page gives details on Temple University, situated at 1801 N wide St, Philadelphia, PA 19122, united States.

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Place Name holy place University
Average Rating 4.3 (129 ratings)
Place Address 1801 N broad StPhiladelphiaPA 19122United claims
Vicinity 1801 North large Street, Philadelphia
Phone Number (215) 204-7000
International Phone +1 215-204-7000
Place Type university, point_of_interest, facility

Location Information

Full Address 1801 N wide St, Philadelphia, PA 19122, United says
Street Number 1801
Route North broad Street (N wide St)
Locality Philadelphia
Administrative Area Level 1 Pennsylvania (PA)
Country United says (US)
Postal Code 19122
Type university, point_of_interest, facility
Latitude 39.9814367
Longitude 39.9814367
Geo Location (39.9814367, -75.15507)


★★★★★ Christopher N

I fell in love v the school due to the fact that I was a second grader, once my mom took me through her come a meeting she had actually on the campus. These last 4 years has actually been some of the biggest times of mine life. Holy place is a good value because that the cost. Stay great owls!!


★☆☆☆☆ Omar ElFakharany

we were hit through a pretty poor storm, and also although all various other schools in the area closed for the security of their students, Temple forced the helpless students to come Monday, what made problem worse their night shuttle service and public weren" working, guess: v why, due to the fact that of the snow! The exact same snow they required the students to commute through. My wife had to walk house late in ~ the freezing night only to obtain harassed top top the method by some idiots. This location is no worthy that trusting her loved ones security with, shame ON you TEMPLE!


★★★★★ Sashank Varma

A an excellent university! A " University" in an urban and diverse setting. ~ above the busiest streets of Philly. A vibrant campus whereby something is constantly happening. Good opportunities fot everyone. Love it so far.


★★★★★ Nikhita Patel

impressive college experience! i wouldn" profession my endure at holy place for something in the world. The students are fun and also friendly, the campus is beautiful and also close to center City, and I have had actually a an excellent overall experience.


★★★★★ Andrew Tran

Temple is one of the major universities in Philadelphia and carries north Philadelphia on its back. It proceeds to grow and there" to be non stop construction for year now. Security issues? Yep. The school is do the efforts to obtain with defense offering a 24/7 shuttle from campus to surrounding residential areas where college student reside.

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