Michigan has actually two species of casinos: Indian casinos, plus 3 state-sanctioned casinos in Detroit. Additionally, over there is one Canadian casino located just across the Ontario river from downtown Detroit. 

Shown listed below is a perform of all Michigan casinos. Click a casino surname to view a page of detailed information around that certain casino.

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Want to check out a Map of every Michigan casinos?

Visit our Michigan casinos map page to check out a in-depth map showing all casinos in that state.

Detroit Michigan Casinos

The just casinos in Michigan, that room not on native American reservations, are located in downtown Detroit. All 3 casinos are open up 24 hours and offer the complying with games: blackjack, roulette, craps, pai gow poker, baccarat, mini-baccarat, three-card poker, Caribbean stud poker, let that ride, big 6 wheel, Mississippi stud, Spanish 21, and casino war.

All Detroit casinos have actually a minimum gambling age of 21 and also offer totally free valet parking. Be sure to visit our Detroit casinos page to see a perform of every casinos in Detroit. 

Details top top Indian Casinos in Michigan

All native American casinos in Michigan are open 24 hours and also offer gamings such as: blackjack, poker, Caribbean stud poker, three-card poker, four-card poker, roulette, craps, Spanish 21, baccarat, mini-baccarat, let that ride, can be fried Texas Hold’em, Mississippi stud, keno, bingo, slots, and video poker.

Many native American casinos in Michigan market a hotel. Be certain to use our list of every Michigan casinos at the bottom of this web page to find which casinos have hotels.

All five Kewadin casinos have a minimum gambling period of 19, as well as the Odawa casino resort located in Petoskey. The minimum gambling age is 21 at all other Indian casinos except for the following: Ojibwa, Ojibwa II, Island Resort, Leelanau Sands, Lac Vieux, tortoise Creek, and also Soaring Eagle. The seven casinos noted have a minimum gambling period of 18.

Michigan sporting activities Betting

There is legal sporting activities betting in Michigan casinos. Be sure to examine each separation, personal, instance casino’s listing page to see if it offers sports betting. 

Slot machine Payback Percentages in ~ Michigan Casinos

Michigan state gaming legislations do not require casinos in Detroit casinos to release slot maker payback statistics to the public. 

Additionally, Indian casinos in Michigan room not forced by the state to release their slot machine payback percentages to the public. However, follow to the Michigan Gaming regulate Board, the slot makers must satisfy the exact same minimum criter that the machines in new Jersey or Nevada have. In brand-new Jersey, the minimum return is 83% and in Nevada, that is 75%. Therefore, Michigan native American casinos must have a return the at least 75%, in order to comply v the state gaming laws.

Unlike the casinos in Michigan, in countless states the slot an equipment payback statistics because that that particular state’s casinos space released together a issue of public record. Just click here to watch a perform of slot an equipment payback statistics because that casinos in all U.S. States.

Canadian Casino near Downtown Detroit

One the Michigan’s most well-known casinos is actually located in Canada, Casino Windsor situated in Ontario just across the river from downtown Detroit. 

Casino Windsor has actually a minimum gambling age of 19, is open up 24 hours and pays all winnings in Canadian currency. 

Planning a visit come Michigan casinos?

For more information top top visiting Michigan casinos, or general tourism information, speak to the state’s de­partment of tourism at (800) 543-2937 or walk to www.michigan.org

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TOP things TO perform IN MICHIGAN

Michigan is amongst the most visited destinations in the joined States. There room numerous tasks to shot out, attractions to visit and also diverse landscapes to explore. Over there are countless natural attractions to explore like the shores of the great Lakes wherein you will discover freshwater dunes and coastal habitats the are far from the sea. The state is additionally filled v museums, above landmarks and buildings that you can visit. Few of the finest things to execute in Michigan are detailed below.

Mackinac Island

This island is a good place to go if you want to get insight into the history of the state and also experience a simpler means of life. The ideal thing to carry out on the island is to stroll roughly the shops the the old city or check out the island ~ above a horse-drawn carriage, since cars room not enabled on the island. You can visit ft Mackinac or thе Mackinac Brіdgе that соnnесtѕ thе lower Pеnіnѕulа аt Mасkіnаw Cіtу tо thе top Pеnіnѕulа аt St. Ignасе. The bridge is amongst the longest suspension bridges in the world. Make sure you likewise visit the Mackinac leg Museum wherein you will find fascinating artefacts from the construction of the Mighty Mac.

The closestly casino come this attraction is Odawa Casino – Mackinaw City.

The closestly casino through a hotel to this attraction is Kewadin Casino – St. Ignace.

Pictured Rocks national Seashore

This attraction is located on the southern shore the Lake Superior and it is named after the colors of copper, manganese oxide and iron the are discovered in the rocks. The Pictured Rocks nationwide Seashore uses a picturesque landscape which features a mix of dunes, beaches, cliffs, and also rocky shoreline. This is a an excellent place to go if you want to enjoy outdoor tasks like camping, hiking, and also boating. Friend can additionally come here throughout the winter and try out activities like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. Friend can additionally head to the grand Island national Recreation Area i beg your pardon is a good place to go for out lovers.

The closest casino come this attraction is Kewadin Casino – Christmas.

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

This park provides a varied landscape wherein visitors deserve to enjoy the synthetic of art and nature. The park residences outdoor gardens including a children’s garden, classic foliage, peaceful Japanese Garden v twin waterfalls, and also a Butterfly Maze. Friend can additionally go sightseeing at the Lena Meijer Conservatory i beg your pardon is a five-story tropical environment which houses countless rare and also exotic plants. If you room lucky come visit in between March and April, you will obtain to reap the splendid metamorphosis of monarch butterflies turning from caterpillar come this fragile insect. The gardens are accented with sculptures throughout the indoor and outdoor spaces the the park.

The the next casino to this attraction is Gun Lake Casino.

The closestly casino v a hotel to this attraction is FireKeepers Casino.

Sleeping be afflicted with Dunes nationwide Lakeshore and also Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is the 3rd largest of the great Lakes. You have the right to visit the Michigan maritime Museum situated in south Haven come get detailed information about the prestige of the lake. You can also go top top a boat tour here. Girlfriend can additionally visit the lake’s islands choose the Manitou islands and also the Beaver Island Archipelago. The to mark of Manitou island is the sleeping Bear Dunes nationwide Lakeshore i m sorry is popularly known for that expansive dunes that are located on the headlands follow me the shoreline. The park is filled with numerous hiking trails that you have the right to explore, and also you can likewise go for a journey on the Pierce autumn Scenic Drive.

The closest casino and casino v a hotel come this attraction is Leelanau Sands Casino & Lodge.

Isle Royale national Park

This park deserve to be uncovered in northwestern Lake remarkable close to the Canadian frontier. The park is shaped by the Ice age glaciers and also it is dotted with numerous dense forests, lakes and also streams. Over there is a varied wildlife population including foxes, otters, moose, wolves, herring gulls, ospreys and also falcons. The park is a perfect place to walk if you are trying to find a remote wilderness experience. The best means to check out the park is by trekking on hiking trails or acquisition a boat trip. You have the right to only get accessibility to this island by boat or seaplane.

The closest casino and casino through a hotel come this attraction is Ojibwa Casino will – Baraga.

Detroit Zoo

This zoo supplies a magnificent variety of animals in countless habitats that represent all the regions of the world. The zoo homes African pets in both forest and grassland habitats and also features family favorites favor lions, primates, giraffes, and also lemurs. The arctic habitat houses animals like polar bears and penguins. Girlfriend can likewise visit the exotic oriental Forest whereby you will find Amur tigers and red pandas or the phibìc American habitats filled v wolverines, bears, and also bald eagles. The zoo likewise features reptile and also amphibian centers, a fine arts collection, and also an aviary that you deserve to explore. A an excellent way to discover the zoo is by a miniature Tauber family members Railroad the has remained in operation since 1931.

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The closest casinos come this attraction room Motor City Casino & Hotel, Greektown Casino, and MGM grand Detroit Casino.