Cubic centimeter

Definition: The cubic centimeter (symbol: cm3) is an SI obtained unit that volume based on the cubic meter. The is the volume of a cube with dimensions 1 centimeter × 1 centimeter × 1 cm, and also is equal to 1/1,000,000 of a cubic meter, 1/1,000 that a liter, or 1 milliliter. The abbreviation of cc and ccm are also sometimes offered to represent a cubic centimeter, yet their use is deprecated in the global System of devices (SI).

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History/origin: The cubic centimeter was derived from the cubic meter, making use of an SI prefix, in this instance "centi," to denote a submultiple that the basic unit.

Current use: The cubic centimeter is supplied in plenty of scientific disciplines, often in the type of milliliters (symbol: mL). Return the cubic centimeter is based on the SI unit the volume, the mL (and that multiples) are more commonly offered as a measure of volume 보다 the cubic centimeter. The United says medical and also automotive fields are an exemption to this, and also the cubic centimeter is tho widely offered in these fields. In contrast, the joined Kingdom uses cubic centimeters in the medical, but not the automotive field.


Definition: A milliliter (symbol: mL) is a unit the volume that is embraced for usage in the global system of units (SI). One milliliter is equal to 1 cubic centimeter (cm3), 1/1,000,000 cubic meter (m3), or 1/1000 liters.

History/Origin: The basic unit the the milliliter is the liter (US spelling), assignment "litre" in SI terms. The ax "litre" to be originally component of the French metric system and was acquired from the hatchet "litron," among the enlarge versions of the French litre. Refer to the liter web page for further details.

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Current use: Milliliters are used to measure up the volume that many varieties of smaller sized containers in daily use, such together plastic bottles, cans, drinking, glasses, juice and milk cartons, yogurt, toothpaste tubes, perfume/cologne bottles, etc. Plenty of measurement tools such as i graduated cylinders, beakers, pipettes, measure cups, etc. Additionally use the measurement of milliliters.

Cubic Centimeter to Milliliter switch Table

Cubic Centimeter Milliliter
0.01 cm^30.01 mL
0.1 cm^30.1 mL
1 cm^31 mL
2 cm^32 mL
3 cm^33 mL
5 cm^35 mL
10 cm^310 mL
20 cm^320 mL
50 cm^350 mL
100 cm^3100 mL
1000 cm^31000 mL

How to convert Cubic Centimeter come Milliliter

1 cm^3 = 1 mL1 mL = 1 cm^3